Golden Beach Festival 2010

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Golden Beach Festival 2010 is an beach festival in Qingdao over three days with over 30 bands


General Information

Date: September 3rd to 5th

Location: Jin Sha Tan (Golden Beach), which is located in Xuejiadao in the Qingdao Development Zone (aka Kaifaqu)

Tickets: 100 yuan (RMB) in advance for all three days (no single day advance sales). Entrance at the beach will cost 50 yuan (RMB) for a single day ticket and 120 yuan (RMB) for a 3 day pass (note: all info subject to change at organizer’s announcement)

Organizer: Fu Tong (lead singer of the band Hello Wei) and Kevin Wang Yong



September 1st September 2nd September 3rd
14:50——15:40 宋雨哲+核桃室 14:00——14:50 STACKERS (Japan) 14:00——14:40 川子 Chuanzi
15:40——16:30 李清+浮砂 14:50——15:40 Sassy Kraimspri (挪威) 14:50——15:40 低苦艾 Low Wormwood
16:30——17:20 李带菓 15:40——16:30 锯 S.A.W. 15:40——16:30 Dude
17:20——18:10 王子衡+李增辉 16:30——17:20 迷宫 Maze 16:30——17:20 卡奇社 Carrchy
18:10——19:00 冯昊 17:20——18:10 大妈辣妈 The Dama Llamas 17:20——18:10 变色蝴蝶 Proximity Butterfly
19:00——19:50 迷走神经(李剑鸿+Vavabond) 18:10——19:00 SS20 (Germany) 18:10——19:00 THE STRIKERS (Korea)
19:50——20:40 李铁桥 19:00——19:50 逃跑计划 Perdel 19:00——19:50 DJ GREEN MONKEY
20:40——21:30 麻沸散 Mafeisan 19:50——20:40 黄粱公主 19:50——20:40 幸福大街 Happy Avenue
21:30——22:20 王凡+武权 Wang Fan and 20:40——21:30 耳光 Slap 20:40——21:30 过失 Demerit
21:30——22:20 Subs 21:30——22:20 秋天的虫子 Fall Insects
22:20——23:10 沙子 Sand 22:20——23:10 唐朝 Tang Dynasty


History / Information

September 3rd is being organized by Subjam Records.

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