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Gongfu, Beijing-based Hip Hop Trio, originally from Tianjin


MC Yang Fan, MC Fugui and DJ Chongzi


Gongfu is a trio of MC Yang Fan, MC Fugui and DJ Chongzi. Originally from Tianjin, a city south of Beijing, they began recording and performing together in 2001 and later signed with NewBees Records in 2003. Located in Beijing, NewBees Records is also an indie label with a roster of mostly pop, rock, and electronic artists. Gongfu was featured on several compilation albums in 2003 and released their first album titled Impulsion in 2004. Gongfu has enjoyed much commercial success and has performed widely in live venues and also on CCTV. Though they have proven to have cross-generational appeal, Gongfu’s style is upbeat and fun and their music targets the teen pop market. Their lyrics surround themes of young love, shaping one’s future, managing family responsibility, and having fun. According to That’s Beijing columnist Alice Wang, Gongfu seeks to “create grassroots Chinese Hip Hop” which means “breaking from Hip Hop stereotypes” (Live House 2004). Gongfu has a conspicuous connection to the “global” in that they frequently use English words and phrases in their lyrics and their look, replete with dew rags, Kangols, chains, and oversized jerseys, is derivative of Hip Hop fashion. What makes Gongfu “grassroots” is that their message is a reflection of and tailored to a specific generation of Chinese youth.[1]


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