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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


Gotham O.D is a Gothic Rock, Modern Metal artist , originally from Finland.

General information about Gotham O.D

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English Name Gotham O.D
Genre Gothic Rock, Modern Metal
Origin Finland


Taken from their his Page:

Gotham O.D was formed in 2003 in Pieksämäki, Finland. During their existence the band has steadily raised their profile in Finland and abroad, also. In the spring 2008 Off Records signed a deal with the largest independent distributor, SPV. “Monochromatic“ was released in Middle-Europe on July 2008. With the release of the album they have convinced new and growing audiences by their strong material and energetic, impressive live performances. Soon after the European release Gotham O.D introduced their Blame-video. The video was produced by Coppersky Productions and directed by Timo Puustinen.

Over the years, Gotham O.D has performed live frequently, and as a live band they never fail. Strong groove and solid, firm playing tell that they have been around for a while. In the same time the band has a healthy self –irony on their act, and they don´t take themselves too seriously. Too clean and overproduced sound is definitely not this band´s thing, the band rocks naturally with a feeling.

Gotham O.D has also written music to their second album due to be released in the fall of 2009. The album will be released through Off Records/Firebox. The forging of dark, stylish and heavy rock continues…

Gotham O.D is a modern, but traditional heavy rock band bringing it´s listeners very organic and dynamic soundscapes. After three well sold EP:s they signed a record deal with Off Records Finland and released a strong debut album “Monochromatic” on August 2007. Also a single, “My Day of Reckoning” was released on July 2007, hitting the official Finnish Charts.

In the early 2011 the band has worked together with legendary producer, Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Apocalyptica, The 69Eyes, Poisonblack, to mention a few). New material is on it's way to be released, and the band will again rise to a new level with their heavy but addictive and infectious songs. The tracks Escape to Salvation and In a Shell bring out once again new dimensions from the band as they echo with a totally new sound, though still keeping the functioning elements from the previous productions. The organ and keyboards are again in great part, though this time also the guitar is in pivotal role in making the songs unforgettable. The rhythm section fills their task with style and solid groove as they lay down the foundation for these hard rocking songs. The singer Ilkka seems to have taken the "last" step in his work, taking himself and his band to an international level. Hiilesmaa's significant contribution can definitely be heard, and the small gap that has maybe separated Gotham O.D from international success, is now undeniably been closed. The lyrics are also very skillfully made, personal and touching. This is not very surprising, since there are many skilled lyricists in the band.

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