Hollerado (Midi 2009)

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Hollerado (Midi 2009), Indie / Rock from Canada


  • Nenno - Guitar
  • Nixon - Guitar
  • Dean - Bass
  • Jake - Drums


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Hollerado grew up on the same street in a small town in Ontario. There is one bar in the town and on Friday nights the jukebox plays Roy Orbison, and John Prine. One day, while riding the bus, a man in an exquisitely tailored suit said to them “it is not nearly as fun to reminisce about the times you didn’t spend your life savings on four one-way tickets to Japan.” With that in mind they got jobs doing construction. When they were tearing down the old walls they listened to The Who. When they built new walls they talked about time travel. Soon they bought an old van and started a moving company (Haulerado). The van had a tape player and they listened exclusively to the Traveling Wilburys. They hope you have an awesome holiday season .

Further information

Further more they will do a small Canadian Bands 3Pack China Tour (Hollerado + The Stills + Priestess) with following dates:

Participant on the Midi Music Festival 2009

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/hollerado

Homepage: http://www.hollerado.com