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Chinese Records Timeline

A master list of all records produced and released in Hongkong, sorted by their release date, including unknown release dates.

Please note that the below list excludes records produced and released in Taiwan, Hongkong and mainland China, due to the distinct independent music industry and music development that took place in these areas. For mainland China please check out the Chinese Records Timeline.


Paranoid - 囚蝶

UNiXX – 7 Deadly Sins

The Evening Primrose – Starless

The Darlings – The Darlings EP (released as a free EP at their One Blood gig in Tainan, Taiwan)

OFTEN 2010 CD (this compilation CD included a theme song of the event, as well as original songs, some of which were published in CD format for the first time, and was sold at the fair at $20 or more)

Seeing Sound Lingnam AP CD (this compilation CD included original songs in mp3 format, with songs that were never previously published, and was given out for free at the concert)

大聲公 Loudspeaker – 快樂搖滾 Single

Wish – 請將音量放大 Single

Extreme – Extreme Single

Revolver – Tranquility Single

Lilacy – 因。果。分理 Single

Underground Compilation CD3


VIM – New Vision EP

Audrey Lily – 柯德莉莉

JoyTrendSound 在草地上 – 《未命名》

Forget The G – Prologue

ToNick – Let’s Go

The Pancakes – sometimes i just can’t remember all the things we did together

T(h)ree – a compilation on collaborations over Hong Kong, Macao and Portugal

梵姬 Vrank - Gothic Industrial album

Maniac – 記憶. 凌亂散落

Matchbox – “Life” EP

Corey Tam – EP

dp – 7″ single My Hyena

Spodac – Spodac EP

Laughitoff – Off (POCH Records release of a 10 year ago band)

Rachel Believes In Me – Rachel Believes In Me

Supper Moment – 《等等…》

R.S.Seizure/A.Urquiola - Black Reign Session One

Kisses from my Grandpa – The Human Condition

ISoFeel – EUroad

Kolor - Independence

Kris Lao – Into The Woods With A Cardboard Box

The Hurricane – Close to the wind

Fragile - “白影”

Chopxticks Records Compilation (a free sampler from Chopxticks Records)

LIVE FAST DIE! - Speedophiles

Jun Kung – Jun.K

Papercoin – Papercoin

Ghost Style – Quantum Beats and Alien Bloodlines Mixtape, free download mixtape album, a newer song followed a month later

Six Pack Of Wolves - Born To Lose

Peri M – 彩虹淚

Milkteeth - “Chance”

Noughts & Exes - “The Start Of Us”

The Merriweather Deer – “Archives”

Luke Chow – “Fast Forward Tour 2010”

Supper Moment - “旅程”

The Tranquil Summer Sea (那年夏天,寧靜的海) – Demo EP, 5 live demo tracks given out at Taiwan Simple Life Hong Kong indie pavilion.

Reign Lee – “Angels In The Dirt”

Of Moths & Stars – “Polyphonic Rust”

T(h)ree – European version of a compilation on collaborations over Hong Kong, Macao and Portugal; two new songs from Fragile and Evade

Papercoin – The Noise From Insomnia

Sill For Loud – “December. Diary.”

戳麻 Chock Ma – Special demo CD, given out at the 《不回怎交》 concert

Fruitpunch – “Wind And Sea”

野良犬 -《車凹了也是一種搖滾》

Kolor – “As Simple As”


Homeless Alien – “Homeless Alien”

The Darlings – “Jackie Is Busy”

Ghost Boy Loves China

Tie-Shu-Lan 鐵樹蘭 – “讓信念繁衍”

Logo – “Illegal brain”

The Marshmallow Kisses – Ciao! Baby

This Is Ammunition – 6 tracks now free download

OH SO…! COMPILATION – 12 track compilation albums given out for free

No One Remains Virgin – Careless Hipster

Staway 留離 – “Not Pain Enough”/“印象” – demo single given away at Apr 2 HKBU AP and Apr 9 show in Shenzhen

The Hunger Artist – 《價值》

Jade And The Stagger Swallows – “Fallen”, April 16

31G – “Untitled”

White Dimension – Shimmer Of Dawn

DP – “DP”

Dr.Eggs – “T.I.N.N.S.”

Underground Compilation CD 4

Hea9vy Compilation “Knock Out” – of the six bands in the Hea9vy troup, which is travelling around all over China. The bands are Attention To Piss, Die In Velvet, Embryo, FaceFace, Hardpack, Los en Found

Poubelle International – “Sans Contrôle”

Three one point five

VIM – New Vision

SUSHi RoBoT – Bauco Remix Session 1

The Revolver - “A Day With The Happy Loner”

Shotgun Politics - “Glow”

The Pancakes - “腦殘遊記”

d o w n e r – “Dancing With The Blessed Girl” – given out for free at shows

“Black Market Music Compilation 2011” a compilation of 30 bands from Hong Kong and Taiwan by the Taiwan label “Black Market Music”

RED - “Welcome To The Empire”

Lone Star Radio

The Evening Primrose - “Starfalling”

Tonick - “ROUND2”

Supper Moment - 再次心跳

My Little Airport《香港是個大商場》

TKO – “Moving Out”

Killer Soap - “Bittersweet”

The Sleeves - “Arcade Rock”

Ignite The Hope - “The Realization of Universal Truth”

Modern Children - “Modern Children” iOS App Album

The Dummy - “Inside Of The (Inside)”

Arnold Fang and Storytellers - “冬密語”

All For A Vision - “Reasons & Devices”

Sun Eskimos - “A Little Little”

9 Maps - “High Incline”

No One Remains Virgin – 獅子胯下

False Alarm - “世界真係好撚大同”

Alok - “628Interface”, “RedShift”

Jukator - “At the crossroads”