Hopper (Midi 2008)

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Hopper (Midi 2008), Indie / Folk Rock / Rock from Paris (France)

Check out their Hopper China Tour 2008.


Dorothée : Guitar / vocals

Aurélia : Guitar / vocals

Jean : Drums

Jean-Yves : Bass


Hopper, a cornerstone of local Parisian rock, recently set out to record their second album with the legendary Ryan Hadlock (producer of Blonde Redhead, Foo Fighters, The Gossip, The Strokes, Soundgarden). The best kept secret of the French music scene is soon to be unveiled.

"Deergirl" Released January 28, 2008

In a packed concert hall, two worlds collide. Aurélia and Dorothée unite. Guitars in hand, they record their first pieces. On the way to the stage, they meet two fellow travelers: Jean and Romain (who will be later be replaced by Jean-Yves). The duo becomes four. Equilibrium is reached.

The public and the media have already caught on. In 2004, their first album (A Tea With D), was met with excellent reviews. In 2005 Hopper performed as an opening act at the Festival Rock En Seine alongside the Pixies, Franz Ferdinand, and Arcade Fire. With 400 concerts in Europe and Canada, they soon became known for their solid live show. The group opened for Biffy Clyro, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Deportivo, Ghinzu, Hollywood Porn Stars, Eiffel, as well as Cold War Kids and was chosen by Indochine for a tour of the Zéniths.

The next step for the group: meeting with Ryan Hadlock, a renowned name in the world of rock. In his Bear Creek Seattle den, the studio of the Promised Land during the 1990s, he has recorded the likes of Blonde Redhead, Black Heart Procession, Foo Fighters, The Gossip, The Strokes, Soundgarden… For Ryan Hadlock, it was magic from the beginning. Hopper made an instant impression. A few months later, the members saw their dream come true: they recorded their second album in the legendary Seattle studio. They emerged with 11 tracks and a sound that shines like never before. Hopper is now proud to be able to share that album with the public.

On Deergirl the band takes us into a wild and spiraling whirlwind of sounds. We follow their path while losing ourselves, hypnotized by Aurélia and Dorothée's husky vocal styling. Hopper carries us through a game of indie rock call and response (Tell Everybody), makes us share in its fiery rage (Rock n Roll High), reaches redemption (Ariane's Thread), dreams of delicate ballads (The Other Me, Tomorrow Is A Mystery), rediscovers a poppy paradise lost (Life Is Not A Test), walks in the steps of giants (We Trust In Love Without Your Drugs), dominates the elements (Since You've Slid To Eternal Slumber), splashes joyously in puddles of water (Rainy Days Smell Like Glue), flees the eyes of accusers (Malcolm), and welcomes us to sing in a choir (On The Road).

Hopper soars high on their new album and invites us along for the ride. Throughout our travels, we see Hopper bridge the boundary between quality and ambition, an accomplishment previously thought to be reserved for the Anglophones.

Further information

Participant on the Midi Music Festival 2008.

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/wearehopper

Homepage: http://www.wearehopper.com