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As appeared in their first record A wishful way

Hopscotch, Wuhan band based in Beijing.



Tian Yuan: vocals

Liu Li Min: guitars and programming

Li Tao: second guitars / programming

Fu You Wu: bassist

Former members

顔[艸/倍]: Vocals


A stable lineup of Hopscotch wasn't fixed until the 2000 April 8th Kurt Cobain Memory gig in the Oasis Bar. In June they formally established themselves as Hopscotch. 顔[艸/倍] was on vocals, Liu Li Min on guitars and programming and Li Tao on second guitars and also on programming. When Fu You Wu joined as bassist at the end of the year, they produced their first demo record.

In May 2001, they signed a contract with Modern Sky Records. In July 顔[艸/倍] left the band and Tian Yuan joined as singer for the band. Later that month they finish the recording on their first record called A wishful way. In June 2002, one of their songs was included in the compilation record Modern Sky 4 (VA). At this time, Tian Yuan was 16 years old and went to Stockholm in Sweden to appear three times on the Global City, Global Youth international music festival. She was interviewed by Victoria magazine and Hopscotch's music video A wishful way was shot in Denmark and Sweden.

In September their song A wishful way was included in the magazine compilation of the X-Music Magazine no. 227. In October their first record was finally released. The same month it was released that their song A wishful way was ranked on the 15th spot on the official Chinese radio music rankings and played on the first rank on Tianjin Music Station, Hubei Culture Station, Jiangxi Ganzhou Station, Guizhou Station and several other radio stations nation-wide. On the Dongguan Music Station it was No.1 song in the 至愛原創榜 music programme for ten weeks in a row.

On February 3rd 2003, they performed as support band for Suede in Beijing' Chaoyang Gymnasium. They were support by bassist Sun Shu and keyboarder Zang Hong Fei. Some time after the concert the band decided to disband.

In May 2003, a song of Hopscotch was included in the compilation record Chill Out Chill Bands Out (VA). In December 2005 a song of Hopscotch was included in the compilation record Chill Out Winter Selection (VA).

In 2005, Tian Yuan started again to work together with Liu Li Min on their second record.


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