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Hot and Cold



Joshua Frank - Bass, vocals, keyboard

Simon Frank - Vocals, keyboard


July 16th 2011
Hot and Cold, Hot Cat Club, Beijing, photo (c) Beijing Gig Guide

Hot and Cold was formed in 1991 but only began playing music as late January 2005.

While brothers Joshua and Simon are Canadian, they consider themselves a Beijing band and have performed exclusively in China.

Their style varies from thrashing lo-fi loops to dreamy shoegaze. Sometimes two notes are better than twelve. Sometimes no notes are better than two.

In December 2006, Hot and Cold reunited and performed at the encouragement of White’s Zhang Shouwang and Shen Jing. They followed up with numerous performances during the summer of 2007.

Hot and Cold also play together and apart in experimental/punk/soul outfit Fear the Talon, improv- drone group Speak Chinese or Die! and the concrete solo/collective act 3951.

A song of theirs was featured in the So Rock! Magazine (no. 89) in August 2009.

August 8th 2009, they performed during the InMusic Festival 2009 on the Zhangbei Grasslands on the Stage 2.

On July 16th 2011, they performed at the Hot Cat Club. According to Beijing Gig Guide: Their music mixes muted elec­tronic sounds with their gui­tars, and while I would prob­a­bly say it’s dron­ing, that doesn’t mean it’s bor­ing. With a big­ger audi­ence more into it, this could be some of the city’s best elec­tronic rock. I had a fun time watch­ing these guys play, espe­cially when they invited a Chi­nese friend to help take the reins as one of them pro­ceeded to climb all over the stage and the back wall (see photo) and play with the lighting.[1] On July 23rd, 2011, they performed at a pangbianr night at the Raying Template. According to Beijing Gig Guide: Then was Hot & Cold, who were as good as they were last week­end at Hot Cat, though there wasn’t any­thing to climb on this time.…[2]

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