House of Blues and Jazz

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House of Blues and Jazz

Map of Venue

General information

House of Blues and Jazz
City Shanghai
Address 60 Fuzhou Lu, near the Bund (福州路60号,近外滩)
Phone 00862163232779
Active -


Quoting from

House of Blues and Jazz [...] on Fuzhou lu just near the bund, right across the street from the Captain hostel. It looks like the new space is going to resolve all the issues the last place had while also adding a few nice new features to the entire package. The entire space is quite large, as they’re planning to use a bigger room towards the back as a dining room, where they will serve lunch and dinner. They are planning to be open from lunchtime straight onward through the late night showtime, quite an extension compared to before. Also the new place doesn’t have a big column in the middle of the stage blocking your view of half the band.

Lin Dongfu and Song Lan have spent an extra-long time (and extra-huge amount of money) making the new space just right, using the same wood paneling decoration concept as the last place–in fact much of the paneling came directly from the old building. They have 2 levels again, but this time the second level has a whole section where you can look down onto the band. They had to rebuild the frame holding up the second level, as the original framework was rickety and unreliable. They have replaced all the windows and installed a central gas heating system so as not to have to use air conditioners blowing air to heat the place in winter. The stage is just big enough for a normal-sized band, certainly larger than the last one but in a bit of a strange shape I think. It’s an even square, but because it’s facing both into the bar area in one direction as well as the main music listening seating area, no one side can be considered the front. Instead, the front seems to be the corner that faces both the seating area and the bar area. I suppose we’ll just see how the shape works out once people start playing on it.

Taken from Smart Shanghai:

The House of blues and jazz new location by the Bund is a definite upgrade from the Maoming Lu spot. The two story interior inviting combination of refurbished dark wood paneling, swanky, smoke-filled bar with a bit of light shed onto the stage by colonial-era windows. The spacious first floor allows for close-up band seating as well more sociable (quiet) areas toward the back.


  • PHONE: 6323 2779
  • ADDRESS: 60 Fuzhou Lu, near the Bund (福州路60号,近外滩)
  • AREA: Bund Area
  • HOURS: Daily 11am-3am