Hussy Hicks (Midi 2008)

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Hussy Hicks (Midi 2008), Folk / Roots Music / Country from Brisbane (Australia)


Julz Parker - Vox/Guitar/Random atmospheric noises;

Leesa Gentz - Vox/Guitar/Frog & other percussion;

Plus a truckload of other fun and wonderful humans that float in and out, including Tracy Stephens, Kristy Gentz, Joe Parker, Chubby Winterhaven, Rohan Hems, Birdy, Matt Dyer, Holly Major and loads more.


The Hussy Hicks have spent the past years living and playing their brand of funky feel-good folk music all over the globe. The girls, Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz, met in late 2004 and found a musical chemistry that has taken them on a rollercoaster journey - performing on every continent, from the intimate coffeehouse circuit of the USA to major festivals including Glastonbury, UK; The Plateau Festival, NJ America and the Soave International Guitar Festival in Italy. The Hussy Hicks music is flavoured by a unique mix of influences and the girls present their songs in a very tongue in cheek yet beautifully musical way, each supporting the other in their distinctively different styles.

With outstanding vocal harmonies their acoustic sound is enhanced by an exotic selection of musical gems collected on their travels (percussion/mandolin/frog/Turkish finger cymbals/Chinese gongs etc). Julz's eclectic approach to the acoustic guitar, rooted in the Emmanuel-esque tradition then inspired by Spanish streets, European gypsies and Arabic intricacies has been celebrated by guitar enthusiasts in all corners of the globe. Leesa, although the best frog player in all the land, is most recognised for her soaring vocals and her ability to express her deepest emotions in every song. Together the girls have found a beautiful balance between raw emotion and an astonishing level of musicality.

Further information

Participant on the Midi Music Festival 2008