INTRO Electro Music Festival 2010

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INTRO Festival by Acupuncture

INTRO Electro Music Festival 2010 is an outdoor electro music festival in 798 Art Zone by Acupuncture Records


General Information

Date: Saturday May 22th 2010, 13:00 - 22:00

Location: D-Park in 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District (near Dashanzi/Wangjing Area)

Tickets: 150rmb until May 20th (while stock lasts)

Organizer: Acupuncture Records



Ideas Need To Reach Out -- 3 stages, 40 artists, 10,000 people, 46,000 m² open-air plaza -- China’s biggest outdoor electronic music festival.

On May 22nd, 2010 Acupuncture Records will once again welcome and delight over ten thousand of China’s electronic music fans by presenting INTRO 2010 – Beijing Electronic Music Festival.

The unprecedented festival line-up this year promises mind-blowing performances on 3 stages featuring over 40 top-notch DJs and VJs. The headliners include: Robag Wruhme, a heavyweight historical figure in Germany’s electronic scene and member of the now split-up legendary techno duo Wighnomy Brothers; dOP, a three-member new concept, live multi-style DJ/band from France; Oxia, a French producer responsible for some of the biggest dancefloor hits in the past five years; and Takkyu Ishino, godfather of Japan’s dance scene and head honcho of Japan’s biggest techno rave “WIRE”.

In D-Park’s 46,000 m² Bauhaus-style plaza, the electronic beats will ignite 10,000 hearts and souls while sending twice as many arms and legs into a dancing frenzy. As the motto says --“IdeasNeed To Reach Out” -- INTRO is designed as a platform to express the belief in music as a vital element of connecting people; to showcase and support innovation in electronic music and digital art. It is run by people who love life, music, freedom, art and alternative culture for people who share that same love.

Participating Artists

OXIA / dOP / TAKKYU ISHINO / ROBAG WRUHME (Wighnomy Brothers) / Pancake Lee / DJ Youdai / M. Ross / Ou Yang / Eddie Lv / Dave K / Patrick Yu / Terry Tu / Elvis T / Sulumi / DJ QQ / Dead J / Shen Yue / Lupen / Saul / Pump Su / I Loop / A.M.U. / Liman / Zu Ge / Suki / Flo Eysler / Sean / El-Mar / @llen / Demone / Kaize / Markus / Xponja / Hanabitheo / and more ...

Further Information

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