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Poster of the InMusic Festival

InMusic Festival 2009, a music festival from August 7th-9th organized by the InMusic Magazine.



Festival Grounds: The Zhangbei Grasslands are located 220km outside of Beijing, near Zhangjiakou, Hebei, and the Inner Mongolian border. Though it may be hard to imagine, this 250-acre uninterrupted prairie, where clear blue skies fill with millions of stars at night, is just a two-hour drive (or three-hour train ride) from Beijing.

For the duration of the festival (Aug 7-9), the weather is predicted to reach highs of 27 C and lows of 14 C.


Main Stage

Time August 7th August 8th August 9th
14:00-15:00 --- Casino Demon Mountain Men
15:00-16:00 --- Ruins Ma Tiao
16:00-17:00 Omnipotent Youth Society Sand Ordnance
17:00-18:00 Soundfragment Queen Sea Big Shark Dragon Tongue Squad
18:00-19:00 Subs Joyside Muma & Third Party
19:00-20:00 Wang Wen Supermarket Miserable Faith
20:00-21:00 Twisted Machine Brainfailure (soundcheck)
21:00-22:00 Re-TROS Zuoxiao Zuzhou XTX
22:00-23:00 New Pants Little Dragon (Sweden) The Soundtrack of our Lives (Sweden)
23:00-24:00 Xu Wei Desert Zhang (Zhang Xuan) The Soundtrack of our Lives (Sweden)
24:00-01:00 --- --- Tricky (UK)

Stage 2

Time August 7th August 8th August 9th
13:30-14:30 --- Alt Senior Fire Balloon
14:30-15:30 Saving Molly Hot and Cold The Ghost Spardac
15:30-16:30 Hong Qi Steely Heart The Mailman
16:30-17:30 Candy Monster 24 Hours PB33
17:30-18:30 Ourself Beside Me SKO The Reason
18:30-19:30 Hao Yun & Band Zhang Weiwei & Guo Long Lucky Monkey
19:30-20:30 Smart Kin Bigger Bang Gala
20:30-21:30 Mosaic Pet Conspiracy Su Yang
21:30-22:30 Snake and Jet's Amazing Bullit Band (Denmark) Tookoo Ziyo
22:30-23:30 --- --- Wan Xiaoli

Electronic Stage

Time August 7th August 8th August 9th
16:00-16:30 --- --- The Dynamic (Shanghai)
16:30-17:00 Emcore (Beijing) iLoop (Beijing) The Dynamic (Shanghai)
17:00-17:30 Emcore (Beijing) iLoop (Beijing) The Dynamic (Shanghai)
17:30-18:00 Emcore (Beijing) Sulumi (Beijing) The Dynamic (Shanghai)
18:00-18:30 Mikey Dee (UK) Sulumi (Beijing) R3 (Shanghai)
18:30-19:00 Mikey Dee (UK) Dead J (Beijing) R3 (Shanghai)
19:00-19:30 Mikey Dee (UK) Dead J (Beijing) R3 (Shanghai)
19:30-20:00 Pavel Sun (Russia) DANSEY (Germany) Eddie Lv (Beijing)
20:00-20:30 Pavel Sun (Russia) DANSEY (Germany) Eddie Lv (Beijing)
20:30-21:00 Pavel Sun (Russia) DANSEY (Germany) Eddie Lv (Beijing)
21:00-21:30 Dark (Taiwan) Em Lee (Taiwan) X Lee (Ji'nan)
21:30-22:00 Dark (Taiwan) Em Lee (Taiwan) X Lee (Ji'nan)
22:00-22:30 Dark (Taiwan) Em Lee (Taiwan) X Lee (Ji'nan)
22:30-23:00 Ivy V (Shanghai) Edmund (Taiwan) Ben Huang (Shanghai)
23:00-23:30 Ivy V (Shanghai) Edmund (Taiwan) Ben Huang (Shanghai)
23:30-24:00 Ivy V (Shanghai) Edmund (Taiwan) Ben Huang (Shanghai)
24:00-01:00 Allen (Taiwan) Elvis T. (Taiwan) (go see Ticky on Main Stage)
01:00-01:30 Allen (Taiwan) Elvis T. (Taiwan) Mickey Zhang (Beijing)
01:30-02:00 QQ (Beijing) Patrick Yu (US) Mickey Zhang (Beijing)
02:00-02:30 QQ (Beijing) Patrick Yu (US) Mickey Zhang (Beijing)
02:30-03:00 QQ (Beijing) Patrick Yu (US) Leslie Jaycee (Beijing)
03:00-03:30 Dave K (Shanghai) Gao Hu (Beijing) Leslie Jaycee (Beijing)
03:30-04:00 Dave K (Shanghai) Gao Hu (Beijing) Leslie Jaycee (Beijing)
04:00-04:30 Dave K (Shanghai) Gao Hu (Beijing) Maikel Brone (Amsterdam)
04:30-05:00 NutraSweet (Vienna) Huang Wei Wei (Bejing) Maikel Brone (Amsterdam)
05:00-05:30 NutraSweet (Vienna) Huang Wei Wei (Bejing) Maikel Brone (Amsterdam)
05:30-06:00 NutraSweet (Vienna) Huang Wei Wei (Bejing) Maikel Brone (Amsterdam)
06:00-06:30 VJ: 4 Your Eye VJ: Yan Long and Zhu Tianyi (Pt. I) VJ: Yan Long and Zhu Tianyi (Pt. II)



Three stages will host the 60-plus bands performing at the InMusic Festival (see “Performance Schedule” for a full line-up). The festival grounds will be open to the public each day starting at 1pm, except August 7, when the grounds open at 2pm. (The camp grounds will remain open all day.)

Other Activities

With its close proximity to Inner Mongolia, as well as playing a prominent role during the Yuan Dynasty, it’s not surprising that horses are an important feature of these grasslands. So during the festival, you’ll have a chance to go horseback riding, in addition to kite-flying, film showings, horoscope readings, a marketplace, and 5-a-side football (register your team now or form one at the festival grounds – plenty of bands have already signed up!).

Food & Drink

Catering to palates of all types, there will be a number of different foods available at the festival grounds – pizza, hamburgers, BBQ, lamb kabobs (a local specialty), Chinese-style fast food and more. In addition, alcoholic offerings will include beer, Bacardi and red wine.



RMB 80 (one day)

RMB 135 (two days)

RMB 180 (three days)

Where to Buy

Book tickets online with Yong Le Ticketing (永乐) at or visit the Yong Le office at Ping'an Development Plaza, Room 410, Tower A, 68 Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng District (see map at

For more info, call 8408 5551 or 800 810 1887, or e-mail

Payment and Delivery Options

Tickets can either be paid for in person at Yong Le’s ticket office or upon delivery (specify the address when you fill out the online order form). When purchasing festival passes, you will also have the option of purchasing your bus tickets at the same time. It is highly recommended that you buy bus tickets along with your festival pass, as availability and discounted prices on bus transportation can only guaranteed with advance purchase.

Further Information

Official pages

  • Official Website
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