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System Collapse

System Collapse, 制度瓦解 zhi du wa jie, a hard core/metal band originally from Changchun, now in Beijing

also known as ZDWJ or Institutional Crush



Vocals: Yang Bing 杨冰

Guitars: Li Shuaihan 李帅含

Guitars/backing vocals: Yang Zepeng 杨泽鹏

Bass: Zhang Chi 张弛

Drums: Chen Junhong 陈军宏

Former Members

Guitar: Shan Shiwen, Bass: Li Wei, Samples: Zhang Ji


Originally from northern Chinese industrie City Changchun, moved to Beijing around 2007 after their debut release, the "Pray" EP and became an active force in the Beijing underground scene while changing their music from earlier industrial/nu metal to metal core. In 2008 they release their 2nd output the "Persistance" EP 《坚持》. In 2009, after gaining more experience in live performance and song arragement, they again entered the studio to produce their 1st album "ZDWJ" 制度瓦解.

来自长春的“制度瓦解”乐队,在仅涉足北京金属舞台表演一年中一鸣惊人。凭借其猛烈的音乐和默契的舞台风范,在国内METALCORE风潮中迅速崛起。并在乐迷的赞誉中赢得中国METALCORE代表乐队地位。乐队在2008年下旬发行EP《坚持》以来更加活跃。本次收录这首最新的“制度瓦解”歌曲是 2009年乐队最新的录音。以此我们依然可以感觉到乐队始终如一的音乐风格。依然的猛烈的鼓击,依然充满力量的旋律,依然的国际化音乐路线。“制度瓦解” 虽然身为一支年轻的乐队,却拥有着成熟稳重的大气风范。

taken from their myspace page (written in 2007):

Institutional Crush

Area: Northeast Changchun the capital city of Jilin province

Members Vocal : Bing Yang Guitar : Shiwen Shan Shuaihan Li Bass : Wei Li Drum : Junhong Chen Samples: Ji Zhang

Summary: Long time, this band has won a universal praise as a veteran in the northeast of China. When days go by, they are still based on the style of Metal,and the music elements of industrial, electronic and sampling is applied of enriching their music that making their music coldly and strengthen the music. They always explode the live shows leaving people deep impressions.Young blood is very fond of their music. Early in 2002, the band was established by Shuaihan Li the guitar player and Junhong Chen the drummer of the band. Later,another member Bing Yang the vocal joined them,making their music more coldly, and then, the band presented a series of live shows. In the same year, their single song named The Dirty Cornor was recorded by the popular magazine I Love Rock'n Roll. In the end of the year,their performance made a great resounding on Moyun Rock'n Roll Music Festival in Ha'erbin where is the capital city of Heilongjiang province. After this, one year for the reconstruction of the band,they had done a great deal of works on their songs. As the same time, Shiwen Shan another guitar player gratuated from Beijing Midi Music College, Wei Li the bassist and Ji Zhang the sampler joined the band one after another. Other members join made the group stable,and brought their music more mature and more element of Industrial Metal. In the beginning of 2004, with the new blood and the experiences of their unnumbered performances, Institutional Crush as a local band had presented the Huaxia Music Festival. They made thousands of Rock'n Roll fans crazy! That abundant experiences of performances making they tried to change the style of music several times. From the style of New Metal in forepart to nowday's Industrial Metal, as these changes passed, they finally found how to express themselves by music. In May 2007,Institutional Crush had got the qualification to perform on the Midi Music Festival. On the stage named Gibson, they offered thousands of fans a fantastic performance. Their performance got a unparalleled highlight and highly reputation. They are insist on making mature music,and making the band internationalization. Lives: 2002 the first live after the establishment- Changchun Unbusiness Rock'n Roll party Changchun Yuema Motorcycle Club- Institutional Crush special performance Changchun Prince Bar- Unbusiness Metal party Changchun Zhege Nage Bar- Remember this moment party Changchun Saturday Bar- Unbusiness Heavy Metal Party Ha'erbin Moyun Rock'n Roll Music Festival, in the same year, their single song named The Dirty Cornor was recorded by the popular magazine I Love Rock'n Roll. Jilin Province Artistic College- Institutional Crush special performance 2003 Changchun Yuema Motorcycle Club- the anniversary after the establishment of Institutional Crush Changchun Yagtai Beer Plaza Music Performance Changchun Civilization Square- Ten-year-anniversary of Northeast Asia Music Radio Changchun Western Bar- Rock'n Roll party Changchun Thirty Thousand Inch Bar Changchun Big T'ang Bar Changchun Old Record Bar Ha'erbin Huaxia Music Festival Where the capital city of Liaoning province Shenyang Metal party 2006 Changchun Hongzunyuan Bar- presenting as a guest band in the special performance of the band named Nucleus Fusion Changchun Mix Bar- presenting as a guest band in the special performance of the band named Twist Machine very famous band in China Chifeng Music Festival, the same year, their same name work Institutional Crush was recorded by I Love Rock'n Roll 2007 take part in midi Music Festival gibson stage performabce In December 2006, the first Road Show by Institutional Crush and the first EP named Pray had come.

email: aloyou19 (at)

taken from

For the last few years, System Collapse (制度瓦解) has won universal praise as a veteran of the metal scene in the northeast of China. As time passes, they keep to their roots of Metal and the musical elements of industrial, electronic and sampling. These layers of influence enrich their music, strengthening it at every step. They always explode during live shows, leaving people with deep impressions. Young blood is very fond of their music.


  • 2006 "Pray" EP
  • 2008 "Persistance" EP 《坚持》
  • 2009 "ZDWJ" CD 制度瓦解.


Festival Participation

2006 Chifeng Music Festival

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