Interview with Sean Leow October 2009

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Interview with Sean Leow October 2009, conducted by Azchael of RiC and Sean Leow of

Azchael: When did you start with

Sean: The idea for Neocha came about in late 2006 and the website launched in April 2007.

Azchael: When did you start with Neocha EDGE?

Sean: NeochaEDGE launched mid-July, 2009.

Azchael: Looking back, what where the major milestones of Neocha for the site itself and for its user base?

Sean: We never really put an overly strong emphasis on gaining an absolute number of users as we're more focused on attracting high-quality content creators. However, there have been other stand-out memories, like NeoSpring (our first event), launching NEXT, hearing stories of us connecting creatives across the country, helping bands license their music to videos, organizing events where creative groups are able to promote themselves / make money, launching NeochaEDGE, and becoming profitable as a company :)

Azchael: How many musicians are in your user base right now?

Sean: Last time I checked it was somewhere around 2000.

Azchael: How and when was the idea born for NEXT?

Sean: By 2008, we had accumulated a large library of Chinese indie music and were trying to find a dead easy way for people, both foreign and Chinese, to discover it. We decided to use the idea of an interactive Internet radio with one simple button "NEXT" to skip to the next song. NEXT 2.0 is a newer version released in 2009 and has some additional bells as whistles. (

Azchael: On I have compiled a couple of English language articles and infos about Neocha. Do you have any further interviews / articles in the net, that I could add?

Sean: Below are a couple more you could add:

We also organized NOTCH 2008 Shanghai (!25252.html) and some other events, but they are not all music related so just let me know if you want info on them.