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Jiang Zhu Yun

JIMU (积木, jī mù) aka Jiang ZhuYun (蒋竹韵, Jiǎng Zhúyùn), sound artist based in Hangzhou


Short Bio

Born 1984 in Hangzhou.
Graduated from the High School of China Academy of Art in 2003, and in the same year entered the China Academy of Art, majoring in New Media Art.
Joined 2pi Records in 2004.
Graduate from the New Media Dpt of China Academy of Art.

Selected Works


2007 Pierre Huber Creation Prize Nominees Exhibition
2006 “it’s all right” Contemprorary Art Exhibition (HuqingYutang Chinese medicinal herbs Museum, Hangzhou)
2006 Shanghai Biennial International student exhibition (Shanghai Sculpture Space)
2006 “1/9″Artists Exhibition (Bizart, Shanghai)
2005 “Sound Imagination” Sound Installation Exhibition (China Academy of Art, Hangzhou)
2004 “Scrambled Code” Young Artists Exhibition (MoMA, Hangzhou Normal Art Institute)
2004 “Fruit Knife” Young Artists Exhibition (Bizart, Shanghai)


2008 Mini Midi Festival 2008
2007 2pi Sound Art Festival
2007 NOIShanghai (Live Bar, Shanghai)
2006 2pi Sound Art Festival
2006 lovely shanghai music (Zhenda MoMa, Shanghai)
2006 NOIShanghai (YuYinTang, Shanghai)
2005 2pi Sound Art Festival (with D!O!D!O!D! + Marqido)
2005 “Shock” electronic noise show (Duolun MoMA, Shanghai)
2004 “Domestic Violence” solo live, Hangzhou
2004 2pi Sound Art Festival
2004 D!O!D!O!D! live in Shanghai, Nanjing


2006 “open” Hangzhou Young Artists Exhibition (red gate 1# Hangzhou)
2005 “The Electricity Bill This Month is 0.530/Unit” Unplugged Art Show (New Media Art Dept, China Academy of Art)


2007 <<声剂斗柜/soundrug chest——imix beta 1.0>> won the Pierre Huber New Media Art Creation second Prize
2006 <<sound scale>> won second prize from shanghai biennial international student exhibition
2005 <<sound of temperature>> won first prize from competition of new media art in China academy of art new media department

Participated Festivals

Further Information

  • Personal Blog
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