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Festival Poster

JUE | MUSIC | ART, Urban Arts and Music Festival in Beijing and Shanghai organized by Split Works (Jan 7-17, 2009)


General Information

Location: multiple locations in Beijing and Shanghai, China

Date: January 7 to 17, 2009

Organizer: Split Works

Official Website: http://www.juefestival.com

Media Blurb

JUE | MUSIC | ART aspires to create and unite. A not-for-profit event set for January every year, JUE | MUSIC | ART will present an inspiring mix of music & art across multiple venues in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Organised by Split Works, the festival will run from 7 - 17 January 2009. It will focus on an alternative arts scene that bubbles ferociously under the surface of this great country. A mix of international and Chinese, experimental and straight down the line, we hope to encourage a flowering of the human spirit.

Split Works will organise a core of activities, nominally rooted in music. We have asked our friends to join with us, to come under one PR/ Marketing/ Informational umbrella, and to organise events across this time period. There will NOT be an overall ticket, rather each event will have it’s own price. We hope that JUE | MUSIC | ART will bring some light and colour to China’s cold and grey Januaries…

Thanks for everyone’s support and hard work so far.

Ticket Information

  • All art gallery events are free of charge and no ticket is required.
  • Tickets for all MAO(BJ) and Dream Factory(SH) events can be reserved through Split Works here
  • To "To & From" at Capital Theatre can be purchased online here

or by phone: 010 65250996 / 010 65249847
Capital Theatre student ticket hotline: 010 85116622



Date Time Event
Jan 10 10pm Hotpot: South Rakkas Crew + DJ Wordy + VJ Fanpianer @ Block 8
Jan 10 9pm Maybe Mars + Sound Destruction! Showcase @ MAO
Jan 11 9pm we are ENFANT TERRIBLE + PoPCLO @ 2 Kolegas
Jan 14 8pm Demerit + Discord + Overdose + Rustic + The Flyx @ MAO
Dec 30 - Jan 18 7.30pm "To & From" @ Capital Theatre
Jan 9 6pm-10pm What's in the Box? Photography, Painting Exhibition & Fashion Show opening party @ Goncharova Gallery
Jan 9 - 16 10am-6pm What's in the Box? Photography, Painting Exhibition & Fashion Show @ Goncharova Gallery
Jan 10 3pm-8pm Between Spaces opening party @ Da Feng Gallery
Jan 10 - 17 Tue-Sun 10am-5pm "Between Spaces" @ DaFeng Gallery
Jan 14 6pm-9pm "22 International Art Plaza Open House" Organised by RedBox Studio @ Today Art Museum/ 22 International Art Plaza
Jan 16 6pm-10pm "An Exhibition of Multi-Art Form" closing party @ Goncharova Gallery


Date Time Event
Jan 8 10pm South Rakkas Crew + Uprooted Sunshine @ Shelter
Jan 9 10pm Pure Party: we are ENFANT TERRIBLE + PoPCLO + FuNKy FIngeRs @ LOgO
Jan 10 10pm Antidote: Dead J + LIman + FuNKy FIngeRs @ Shelter
Jan 16 9pm Demerit + Pinkberry + DJ Sacco @ Dream Factory
Jan 17 9pm Maybe Mars + Sound Destruction! Showcase @ Dream Factory
Jan 7 - 16 Tue-Sun 11am-7pm Daily Prosperity by Chen Hang Feng @ Art Labor Gallery
Jan 7 - 17 Wed-Sun 10am-6pm
Thur 10am-9pm
Painting Skin by Wang Tingting @ FQ Projects Gallery
Jan 7 - 17 11am-7pm Realistic Odeum by Liu Jin @ 140sqm Gallery
Jan 7 - 17 10am-7pm The Artist Died Yesterday @ Island6 Arts Space
Jan 16 6pm-10pm Daily Prosperity closing party @ Art Labor Gallery
Jan 16 - 17 7pm Marriage Counseling: Three Sessions @ River South Art Center

Further Information