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JZ Club, one of the finest Chinese Jazz Clubs based in Shanghai


JZ Club is not only a Jazz club, it is one of the most important institution in the Chinese Jazz scene.

Beside the Clubs (another location is the JZ Club Hangzhou) they also do the JZ School, the JZ Music Festival and their own high standard JZ Club recording/rehearsal studio.

Taken from their website:

Launched in 2004, JZ Club has become the most representative of all the jazz clubs in Shanghai, and even in China. 365 days a year, JZ house bands present you with everything from classical Standards, buoyant Swing, to refreshing female vocals and modern Jazz Rock. On weekends, the JZ Latino and JZ All Star Big Band heat up the stage up with their passion. Upholding the Spirit of a “Musicians’ Club”, JZ on weekends is the terminus for most jazz musicians in Shanghai. After a glass of wine or two, many players of note join in the jam session to turn the house into a rapturous carnival. Frequently, JZ Club presents special concerts featuring top musicians from all around the world. Numerous audiences have rediscovered the pure joy of music at JZ Club. Its name has almost become the equivalent of the jazz scene in China.


JZ Club Shanghai:

Add: No. 46, West Fuxing Rd, Shanghai China

Tel: (+86) 021 64310269

Performance Agent (International Liaison): Mark / 13162065741, Mark@jzclub.cn

Performance Agent (Local Liaison): Lina / 13636566337, Lina@jzclub.cn

JZ Club Hangzhou:

  • 电话:0571 87028298
  • 地址:杭州柳营路6号(南山路266号旁),一公园元华商场青藤茶馆对面
  • 邮编:310002


  • JZ Club Shanghai: www.jzclub.cn
  • JZ Club Hangzhou: www.jzclub.cn
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