JZ Shanghai Music Festival 2009

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JZ Shanghai Music Festival 2009 is an jazz festival in Shanghai


General Information

Date: Oct 17th / 18th 2009

Location: Shanghai, Yunfeng Theatre on the Friday night, Century Park in Pudong on Shanghai





Jazz Stage: (Saturday, Oct 17)

1:00pm: Isradixie

2:00pm: GMF

3:30pm: Liu Yue

4:30pm: Sinne Eeg

6:00pm: Ibrahim Electric

7:30pm: Lawrence Ku

Rock / Folk Stage: (Saturday, Oct 17)

1:30pm: Abraham Carmona

2:00pm: Wang Xiaokung

3:30pm: JZ Latino

5:00pm: Zhang Xuan

6:30pm: Freshly Ground

7:30pm: Zheng Jun

Electrograss Stage: (Saturday, Oct 17)

3:00pm: Alan Shanyinde

4:00pm: Uprooted Sunshine Crew

5:00pm: Bananas

6:00pm: Melkman and Mr. Tsang

7:00pm: Phreaktion Crew

8:00pm: The Syndicate

Jazz Stage: (Sunday, Oct 18)

1:00pm: Si Zhukong

2:00pm: Verneri Pohjola

3:30pm: Yannick Rieu

4:30pm: Catherine Lambert

6:00pm: Florent

7:30pm: Coco Zhao

Rock / Folk Stage: (Sunday, Oct 18)

1:30pm: Cold Fairyland

2:00pm: Lions of Puxi

3:30pm: Zhang Chu

5:00pm: Bernie's Lounge

6:30pm: Cui Jian

7:30pm: Us3

Electrograss Stage: (Sunday, Oct 18)

3:00pm: DJ Wordy and Hotpot Soundsystem

4:00pm: The Lab

5:00pm: Redstar

5:30pm: DJ You Dai

6:00pm: VOID

7:00pm: Dave K

8:00pm: Ben Huang

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