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Jasmine Chen 陈胤希, Shanghai based female Jazz singer and song writer


General Information

(her prefered styles: classic Jazz, Bossa Nova and Chinese Folk)

taken from her myspace page:

Growing up in an artistic family in Northeastern China (Province Liaoning), Jasmine’s parents are professional folk dancers, actor and actress. She started to take piano lessons since age four, first time on stage at age eight. Between 19 and 24 she went to England for music studies and graduated at Leeds College of Music in 2004. During her study in LCM, she took singing lessons with British vocalists Louise Gibbs and Tina May. After achieving BA(Hons) in Music Studies, she moved to Shanghai to begin her career working as vocalist and lyricist,songwriter. She's been performing in city's main jazz events and venues, including Shanghai Jazz Festival, Zhu Jia Jiao World Music Festival, 'twocities in tune' concert series, JZ Club, House of Blues and Jazz, Cabaret ... The Guardian (famous British news paper) describes Jasmine’s sound as “soft and sensuous”(March 21, 2009). In August 2008, Jasmine released her first album "The Color of Love (爱情的颜色)" accompanied by New York pianist Steve Sweeting, an album with jazz tunes (February 29th 2010), Brazilian numbers, Chinese old songs and originals. And all the songs in this album are in Chinese, including 7 original lyrics she wrote.

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For booking and CD mail order in China:

Email: jasminechenmusic (at) gmail (dot) com

Further Information

Festival Participation

Shanghai Jazz Festival 2008

Zhu Jia Jiao World Music Festival

"twocities in tune" concert series