Kaiping Music Festival

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Kaiping Festival (开平音乐节)

General information

Kaiping (pinyin: Kāipíng; Yale Cantonese: Hoi1 Ping4; Kaiping dialect (Yale Romanization): Hoi3 Pen6) or Hoi Ping is a county-level city in the Guangdong province of southern China. It has a population of 680,000 as of 2003 and an area of 1,659 km². The locals speak a variation of the Taishan dialect.

Source: Wikipedia

History of the festival

Founded 1996 by The Swamp and named after the city Kaiping. Many bands took part in it, such as Wang Lei, Yufeimen, Iron Spider, Chuibotang, Huangbo (since that he’d gone to Beijing and formed “The Verse”) and The Swamp. Most of these indie musicians and bands came from Guangdong.

Source: Interview with The Swamp about the Kaiping festival

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