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Kelly Cha also know as Zhazha, real name: Zha Kexin (查可欣), famous TV and Radio host, accoustic / pop / rock singer, songwriter and author, now in Beijing.

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Published author of three books, singer-songwriter, and acclaimed TV, radio and live events host, Kelly Cha was born in China and went to the US when she was 8 years old. She completed her elementary school education in the States and returned to China for high school and college. She began radio DJing in her first year of college. Her bilingual book debut “Looking at America: Memoirs of a Chinese Girl” was published when she was 18. She began song-writing in 1998.

Returning to the US at the age of 20, Kelly began to pursue her Master’s Degree in International Business Studies, and interned for six months at Warner Bros. in Los Angeles through an internship program sponsored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. After graduating, she continued working in the entertainment industry.

Kelly moved to Beijing in September, 2002 to focus on her music and writing careers. She also began hosting a number of widely-acclaimed radio and TV shows as well as live events in both English and Chinese. In the next two years she wrote for many prestigious magazines and newspapers and gained much notice on her debut novella “Happiness”. She went on to publish the novellas “Simple American Dream” and “The Premonition” in top literary magazines which won the attention and praise of critics and readers alike. In 2004, Kelly was invited as special performer and lecturer at Groep T University in Belgium. She founded her band “ZhaZha Club” and participated in the Volkswagen sponsored “Ear to the Ground” concert series. Kelly’s first single “Spring Breeze” was released in April, 2005. Her second single “Here Comes the Sun” can be found among the works of a long list of China’s most influential singer- songwriters in “The Gift”, a tribute rock album released in May, 2005. Her third single “Time and Tide” was chosen as the theme song for her radio special “The Jianhua Diaries” in September of the same year. “More Than Chords: In-Depth Interviews with China’s Top 10 Singer-Songwriters” was the title of Kelly’s second book, published in June, 2005. She was invited to host the MTV live-audience TV show “Music Interactive” in September.

Kelly’s nationally syndicated radio show “ZhaZha Club” was launched in January, 2006. In March, her song “Youth Zone” was chosen as the theme song for the China Youth League. Kelly made her international debut in German rock legend Udo Lindenberg’s album of duets DAMENWAHL, released by Warner Music in May, 2006. As the only Asian singer in the album, she appeared alongside music greats such as Joan Baez and Nina Hagen. She coined the term “Novel OST” with “Happiness”, her collection of three novellas with theme songs and audio plays for each of the stories written and performed by herself, published by the prestigious People’s Publishing House in June, 2006. The press conference for the release of her book was hosted by her longtime sponsor Gibson Guitar in their showroom in Shanghai.

At the beginning of 2007, Kelly performed in the “Overload Our Lives” concert series and the Beijing TV special “Rhythm of the Olympics”, wrote a song for pop star Chen Ming’s new album, and wrote as well as performed the opening theme and closing song for the sitcom that’s being called the Chinese version of “Friends”. She hosts the CCTV-6 daily TV show “Action English” and is a guest host on the official NBA TV show, “Made in the NBA”.

Kelly has been interviewed by numerous mainstream media such as China National Radio, CCTV, China Daily, Travel Channel,,, Cosmopolitan, Cosmo Girl, Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Madame Figaro, Vogue, etc. She writes and sings in both English and Chinese, and is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. She is preparing for her debut novel and music album.



Kelly has been writing for many years, and is one of the most talented young writers in today’s China with a unique voice and style to call her own.


  • Happiness (with original soundtrack bonus CD)

People’s Literature Publishing House, 2006. OST includes the original songs “Happiness”, “Candles”, and “Let’s Not Die, OK?” , and three audio plays based on each of the stories in the book, written and performed by Kelly, as well as 50 people’s answers to the question “What is happiness”, among those people are Joan Chen, Jiang Wen, Cui Jian and Christopher Doyle, etc.

  • The Premonition, Fiction Monthly, 1st Issue, 2006; Selected Fictions, 3rd Issue, 2006; 21st Century Fictions 2006 Top-Ten Novellas;
  • More Than Chords: In-Depth Interviews with China’s Top 10 Singer-Songwriters

Trends Book Co. Ltd., First Edition: June, 2005;

  • Simple American Dream, Fiction World, 6th Issue, 2004;
  • Happiness, Fiction Monthly, 3rd Issue, 2003; “China Literary Monthly”, July, 2003; “Fiction Monthly’s Best of 2003 Collection” ;
  • Looking at America: Memoirs of a Chinese Girl

Tianjin People’s Publishing House, August, 1996/January, 2003 English/Chinese


  • E-Age Love Journals, original television series;
  • The Chinese Restaurant, Sony Television (China) and Ying’s Television Productions Ltd.;
  • Translated Jiang Wen’s The Sun Still Rises, Joan Chen’s A Shanghai Fairy Tale, Cui Jian’s Show Your Colors, Faye Yu’s Gingko Gingko, Su Cong and Wang Huiling’s Shanghai Rose Garden, and other screenplays such as China Punk, The Fantasy Train, A Beijing Story, etc..


  • Writer for Marie Claire, Madame Figaro, Cosmo Girl, Modern Weekly, Literature Weekly, Girlfriend, E.T., Women’s Monthly, Taiwan China Times, etc.;
  • Feature writer and US correspondent, Cosmopolitan (China);


Like many gifted artists, Kelly has the ability to write both music and lyrics. Her musical influences come from around the world, freeing her songwriting of all boundaries. Her unique voice has been said to be the perfect blend of East and West. She has written over one hundred songs to date.


  • Opening theme Looking for Friends and closing song Whatcha Gonna Do? for sitcom “Looking for Friends”, Music+Lyrics+Vocals, 2007;
  • Time and Tide, Chen Ming’s 2007 album, Music+Lyrics, 2007;
  • Happiness, Candles, and Let’s Not Die, OK?, OST to “Happiness” the book, Music+Lyrics+Vocals, 2006;
  • I Swear, duet with Udo Lindenberg, Chinese lyrics+vocals, 2006, Warner Music Europe;
  • ZhaZha Club, theme song to official website and radio show, Music+Lyrics+Vocals, 2006;
  • Youth Zone, theme song to the China Youth League event involving over 50 radio stations around the country, Music+Lyrics+Vocals, 2006;
  • Spring Breeze, Here Comes the Sun and Time and Tide, Music+Lyrics+Vocals, 2005.


  • “Overload Our Lives” concert series “Pure Temptations” unplugged special;
  • Volkswagen’s “Ear to the Ground” concert series;
  • Disney’s “Pepper Anne”, Chinese Theme Song, Vocals;
  • Music Video “Princess” Music+Lyrics+Vocals, “Snow Mountain” Vocals;


From Tianjin to Los Angeles to Beijing, from radio to live events to television, Kelly’s uniqueness and professionalism as a host has won her love and acclaim from audiences around the world. Working as a bilingual MC, she is quick-witted, funny, warm, and elegant.


  • Action English’s “Action DJ”, hostess, daily show, CCTV-6, 2007;
  • Made in the NBA, guest host, official NBA TV show, nationally syndicated, 2007
  • Music Interactive, MTV Asia/Beijing TV Station, hostess, 2005;
  • Very China, Channel [V], guest VJ, 1997;
  • MTV MusicNet, Tianjin TV Station, 1996-1997.


  • DJ Night, Beijing Music Radio, Regular Guest DJ, 2007;
  • Beijing Blues, Beijing Transportation Radio, Regular Guest DJ, 2006;
  • China Radio International’s music station, Hit FM, 2006;
  • ZhaZha Club, nationally syndicated radio show 2006;
  • The Jianhua Diaries, produced by Beijing Creative Sounds Co., syndicated nationally, 2005;
  • Music VIP, Music Sixth Sense, China National Radio’s Music Radio, DJ, 2002-2004;
  • Kelly-fornia Dreaming, KAZN AM1300, producer/DJ, 1999-2002;
  • Very Music, Rock Records Ltd. (Beijing), DJ, 1997;
  • City Rhythm, International Music Hour, Tianjin People’s Broadcasting Station, DJ, 1995-1998;
  • Colorful Beijing, sponsored by Beijing TV, syndicated nationally, DJ, 1997-1998.


  • Various live events and press conferences, including numerous events for Volkswagen, Ameco, QQ, GMH Group, (attended by the Chancellor of Germany), CCPIT Beijing, Nokia, Marie France Bodyline, Audi, Avon, McDonald’s, Siemens, Starbucks, Montagut, Harley Davidson, Unilever, Chinese Ministry of Education, Sephora, etc;
  • Various concerts, press conferences, fan club events, campus tours, English contests, etc. in Los Angeles, Beijing and Tianjin


Over the years, in both the U.S. and China, Kelly has been pursued by many companies and organizations to work at a series of jobs in the entertainment industry, before discovering writing and singing to be her true calling in life. These experiences have provided her with a great network of contacts in the worlds of music, film and television in both countries.


  • Dark Matter (starring Meryl Streep, Aidan Quinn, Liu Ye), Chinese Language Consultant


  • Warner Bros. Television, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences intern;
  • Telepictures Productions, production assistant, “Change of Heart”, “Streetsmarts”;
  • China Central TV Station (CCTV), editor/interpreter, “World Financial Report”


Moonstone International Ltd., Director of Marketing and Publicity for Universal Pictures/Beijing Film Studio co-produced film Pavilion of Women in China


The Motion Picture Association’s 2000 Chinese Film Festival, Assistant Festival Director


American Express “Anchee”, Ogilvy and Mather/American Express, 2nd Assistant Director