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LR is a Metal Core / Nu Rock artist , originally from Beijing.

General information about LR

Zuoyou 12.jpg

LR in 2006, photo for Midi

English Name LR
Chinese Name 左右 (means: Left Right) / Zuo You
Genre Metal Core / Nu Rock
Origin Beijing
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Band members

Vocals: 张顾卫 - Zhang Guwei

Guitars: 郑仕伟 - Zheng Shiwei (ex-闹着玩)

Guitars: 娄鑫磊 Lou Xinlei

Bass: 付晨雷 - Fu Chenlei

Drums: 杨增 - Yang Ceng

Samples+Keyboards: 郭峰 Guo Feng (ex-逃跑的梯子)

Former band members

Bass: Zhang rui xiang, Guitars: 李洋 - Li Yang


Formed in September 2005, this young talented metal core band did their first stage appearance in December the same year on the YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition where LR along with four other bands represented Beijing to participate.

Sice the begining of the following year they began to do more live shows and immediately catched the attention of the rock underound with their pop music styled singing and heavy guitar tunes. The metal core song <Bloom and wither> became a hit where the crowd sings along at each gig. Compared to other new bands their performance seems to have a more professional appeal and their melodies always goes right into your ears. They sure are one of the best new hopefulls in rock and metal that China has to offer.

July 2006, their song 花開花落 was included in the X-Music Magazine no. 321.


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