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Name of the Artist

Ladybug (瓢蟲) all-female Punk, Taiwan



Ladybug was one of Taiwan's pioneer seminal underground rock band. The band has inspired and influenced much of the current independent music scene in Taiwan. They were the first Taiwanese rock band to tour The USA.

The raw energy of their 1997 debut was sensational, and even a couple years ago their songs can still be heard on the college radio in Chicago.

Later, Ladybug music was inspired by the post rock mania from Chicago, falling into an abyss of aimless guitar riffs and modulated feedback. The band was forced to take a break from 2003, due to band members’ commitments. In early 2005, the band re-grouped and two male members were in the new line-up, included Xu Qian Xiu, probably the most outstanding guitarist in the current Taiwan indie scene. Due to that, theirs music styles has changed, from noisy and avant-garde post rock to ska-punk, with elements of world music and flamenco guitar riffs.