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Larry's Pizza, live, Photo (c) Larry's Pizza

Larry's Pizza, Beijing punk band



Andy - Vocals, Guitar

Zhang Qun - Bass

Liu Zhong - Drums


Larry's Pizza is a 3-person Beijing punk band formed in October 2006. After several months of personnel adjustments, they've settled down. Through continuous growth and continuous progress, they have risen in China's punk circles, becoming one of a handful of good bands. Their music makes you stunned, moved and full of hope!

Larry's Pizza issue the first EP since the Band established at October 12 2008. This album to get many reputation.Thank everyone for support and help us long time !We hope we can bring you the different Larry's Pizza ! Thanks!

October 5th, 2009, they performed at the MySpace Stage of the Modern Sky Festival 2009.

2009-10-14 @ 20:00 : MAO Livehouse (with Children Sky, The Strikers, DUDE)

2009-11-04 @ 21:00 : MAO Livehouse (with The Real Deal, The Reason)

2010-01-02 @ 20:30 : MAO Livehouse (with Tookoo, Unregenerate Blood, The Reason, XitneverhappenedX, King Lychee)

2010-02-06 @ 21:00 : MAO Livehouse (with DUDE, IN3)

2010-04-20 @ 20:00 : MAO Livehouse (with MIKE TV, Overline)

Fri 21st May @ 21:00 : 2 Kolegas (with Rustic, Boy Number Six, Old Fashion)

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