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Zhao Lei 2009

Zhao Lei (赵雷 also know as Leizi 雷子), a folk song singer and writer from Beijing

Zhao Lei and The Fist 雷子与拳头乐队



Vocals: Leizi 雷子

Guitar: Jia Lin 嘉林

Bass: Erbao 二宝

Drums: Xu Lei许磊


Born in 1986 in Beijing, Zhao Lei started his passion for music since high school and formed his rock band The Fist.

In 2009 he participated on the "Quick sketch thru Music" 速写穿乐 compilation by Tiny Salt Music 微薄之盐 with is song "The Winter of Beijing" 《北京的冬天》. A China tour followed that year, done by the label to which he signed the artist deal in the beginning 2010. His trade marek songs are "The Winter of Beijing" 《北京的冬天》, "People's homes" 《人家》, "Southern Girls" 《南方姑娘》 etc.

1986年生于北京,高中时开始接触音乐,曾组建拳头乐队。风格以民谣摇滚为主。 2009年5月参与合辑速写穿乐录制,收录歌曲北京的冬天。同年随微薄之盐厂牌转战大江南北,反响热烈。 2010年签约微薄之盐厂牌。 代表作:《北京的冬天》、《人家》、《南方姑娘》等

On May 1st, 2010, he performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

Participated Festivals




Festival Participation

  • 2010 Midi Music Festival 北京迷笛音乐节
  • 2010 Strawberry Music Festival 北京草莓音乐节
  • 2010 Xi'An Strawberry Festival 西安草莓音乐节
  • 2010 Beijing Earth Temple Folk Music Festival 北京地坛民谣音乐节


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