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Photo taken from Chinese New Ear with kind permission

Li Jianhong (李劍鴻), Hangzhou sound artists



Li Jianhong is one of the most active chinese sound artists in Mainland China. Born in Fenghua, Zhejiang Province in 1975 and now residing in Hangzhou, Li is the founder of the avant-rock group "Second Skin" (2pi) and the manager of 2pi Records ("2pi" being the chinese equivalent to 2nd Skin), an independent experimental label based in Hangzhou, China.

Li's early involvement in Hangzhou's experimental culture started with his co-founding of the group Tomeclub (Tao Mi She). His debut solo album Talk Freely Before the We Begin was particularly well-received in Japan, and has established him as a radical yet highly-crafted guitar noisician. After listening to this album, the experimental musician Zbigniew Karkowski called Li "the best noise musician in China." Li's second solo album RTV-702 is also out now. Both albums were released by 2pi Records.

In 2003 and 2004 Li curated and performed in 2pi Festivals. In October 2004 he played at the Nuit Blanche festival in Paris.

In June, 2004, Li was invited as a guest lecturer by the Dept. of New Media at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, where he gave the talk "Live Action - an Introduction to Contemporary Noise Art".

He plays a crucial role in the Hangzhou/Shanghai experimental music scene, both as a guitar-noise maker and a sound artist. He was the lead guitarist of 2pi (the band) and one half of the grindcore duo D!O!D!O!D!, and has recently launched the hardware-noise group Acidzen with HUANG Jin.

From 2004 to 2007, Li took part in various art activities including Nuit Blanche Festival in Paris, Battersea Power Station of London, Tokyo and Osaka Tour, Midi Music Festival of China, Get It Louder Exhibition of 2006, Da Shanzi International Art Festival, In the Deep of Reality: A Case of Chinese Contemporary Art, as well as the Moving Soundscape and Home Show of the Get It Louder Exhibition 2007, Sally Can’t Dance Festival 2008.

Participated Festivals


  • 2006: China ? (a noise compilation) (eDogm netlabel)
  • 2005: Drama Script (2pi Records/tiramizu)
  • 2004: RTV-702 (2pi Records)
  • 2004: Talk Freely Before We Begin (2pi Records)

Appearances in Podcasts

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