List of all Midi Foreign Bands

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This list contains all foreign bands that performed at one or more of the Midi Festivals. The following list is alphabetically ordered.

For a chronological overview of bands please go to the individual festival page:

  • Mishkin (tbc): British alternative metal band. MISHkIN on MySpace
  • Everset (Japan)
  • Hatesphere (Denmark)
  • BAD/孬 (Malysia)
  • 8 mm Overdose (USA)
  • El Caco (Norway)
  • The Crüxshadows (USA) (Info)
  • Kava Kava (USA) ? (Info)
  • Liquido (Germany) - website
  • Mbongui
  • Alev Homepage Interview with RiC Tour Diary China 2006
  • Blood Drum Spirit
  • Der Traum
  • Earthquake Hair
  • Karina Kappel Homepage
  • Lazy Monday
  • Mayflies
  • Wombats Homepage ; in cooperation with the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts
  • Yokohama Artists Association
  • Youn Sun Nah