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Little Fish is a rock band from Oxford.

This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


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Little Fish is a Rock artist , originally from Oxford, UK.

General information about Little Fish

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English Name Little Fish
Genre Rock
Origin Oxford, UK


Little Fish is the work of singer songwriter Juju Sophie (guitar / vocals) and JB Walker (organ / everything else). Their original punky garage-rock sound has evolved into a more electro-influenced style but recorded in a garage with real instruments.

The song lyrics come direct from the heart. They are often poetic, reflective and brutally honest, as seen in the lyrics of Bob Dylan and PJ Harvey. Juju’s vocals can range from aggressive and powerful, similar to Deborah Anne Dyer (aka Skin of Skunk Anansie), as well as Patti Smith. She is also very comfortable with her bluesy Janis Joplin voice. On other tracks Juju’s voice haunts and memorises, like Beth Orton with Sinéad O’Connor’s conviction.

Original drummer Neil Greenaway left the band in 2011, and the live line-up now includes Elisa Zoot from black casino and the ghost (vocals / percussion) and Mike Monaghan (drums / percussion).

Unlike many musicians, Juju spent all her childhood without listening to, or playing music. Throughout her youth and teenage years she dedicated herself to sport. As an athlete, she competed in many sporting events around the world, playing basketball at National League Level (Oxford Devils) and sporting a stint in the England U16s. She also trained with the Oxford United Football team, came first in many National and County Judo Competitions, competed in a number of County Cross Country Competitions and Bi-athlons (running and swimming).

It was only in her final years at school that she started to discover and explore music and writing.

“I used to find the intensity of music was something deeper than I could handle. But there was a part of me that was very attracted to that intensity and I realised that I could express myself with it. So eventually, I borrowed an old guitar, got a chord book and wrote a song.”

Song had up until then been sleeping in her veins as both her French mother and grandfather were accomplished writers. But from then on, she endlessly wrote songs and busked them around Europe.

Juju has now overcome many hurdles for her trade: the likes of depression, drugs, and a career threatening throat condition. Two years without a voice, half a year with a chopped finger after cutting it on a luthier apprenticeship, are experiences that have made her music a result of her survival.

The name Little Fish is the result of Juju’s daydream: “Feel free, I wake up in a head spin. I am me. I am just a Little Fish. I see what I see.”

Little Fish often collaborate with Albanian artist and designer Bekim Mala ( on their artwork and set design. There is no end to this creative and imaginative journey as only the Little Fish hold the eyes to see.

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