Liu Yuan Jazz Group

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Liu Yuan Jazz Group

Liu Yuan Jazz Group 刘元爵士乐队, a Beijing based Jazz music group


Line up


Saxophoneist, ex-ADO Band and one of the undisputed leaders of Chinese Jazz, Liu Yuan, whose father is a one of the revered artists of China, joined the Beijing Song & Dance Group in 1979 and began playing Jazz in 1995.

A student of Jazzs more classic forms, Liu Yuan see it as a path back to the past. “Standards are necessary”, he says. “Jazz is not easy, but it is part of a tradition that we must pass on to our children.” We are proud to present him as part of our lineup.

Liu Yuan is quite a figure in the Beijing Jazz scene. For years his CD Cafe was the main spot of gathering for Beijing's Jazzers, now he is doing the East Shore Live Jazz Cafe.

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