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Lydnb from Tianjin

Lydnb a electronic music/drum'n'bass DJ from Tianjin

a Syndicate 丛林音乐团队 artist


Hailing from Tianjin, Lydnb has always been exploring for ways to perform of the drum & bass style which has it's roots in his younger days living in Belgium where his strong passion for this kind of music started to germ. In 2008 he joint the artist foundation Syndicate 丛林音乐团队. He is known for his powerful music to move the crowd in the dance pool.

来自天津的LYDNB一直探索 drum & bass 音乐现场表演。在比利时生活时就凭借对音乐的热情进行富有特点的drum & bass表演。 08年在北京加入丛林音乐团队“Syndicate” 。他深信他热情肆意的 drum & bass 音乐将带来舞池的疯狂。

On May 2nd, 2010, he performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

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