MIKE TV (Midi 2009)

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MIKE TV (Midi 2009), Rock / Pop / Punk from UK


  • Domb Thumb - Vocals / Bass
  • Pickled Jhon - Guitar / Vocals
  • Riff Reynolds - Drums / Vocals
  • Lily Allen - Guitar / Vocals


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Hailing from the hamlets of East Hampshire and suburbs of Wolverhampton, MIKE TV have recently been very busy indeed. They played over 600 shows in the UK and mainland Europe since their formation in 2000, without the help of any major or independent record label. So far 2008 has seen a name change, a new member, a brand new 13-track album and a positively plethoric attitude towards live performances - all without losing their trademark, harmony-laden punk rock sound. After just completing a mammoth 27 date UK tour with Yorkshire ska-metallers RANDOM HAND throughout October and a successful tour in The Netherlands and Belgium in November, This year has also seen them tour with such bands as LA legends THE DICKIES, Californias ARMY OF FRESHMEN, Philadelphias ZOLOF THE ROCK AND ROLL DESTROYER, USELESS ID from Israel, as well as performing alongside stalwarts of the UK punk rock scene – THE KING BLUES and SONIC BOOM SIX. Their brand new, self titled album produced and recorded by underground super-producer Peter Miles (The King Blues / Sonic Boom Six / Tonight Is Goodbye) is out now in the UK on Banquet Records of Kingston and soon to be released internationally.

Further information

They are on an extensive China Tour from April 10th til May 3rd: MIKE TV 2009 China Tour

Participant on the Midi Music Festival 2009

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/miketv

Homepage: http://www.miketvmusic.com