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My Own Private Alaska is a trio from Toulouse, France.

This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


My Own Private Alaska is a Piano Punk Core Trio produced by Ross Robinson artist , originally from France.

General information about My Own Private Alaska

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CHINA TOUR 2013 (oct/nov)

English Name My Own Private Alaska
Genre Piano Punk Core Trio produced by Ross Robinson
Origin France


CHINA TOUR 2013 (oct/nov) Somewhere in between formal minimalism and aesthetic extravaganza, My Own Private Alaska impresses by being authentic. Merging the spectres of Chopin and the crescendos of Will Haven, their music appears at times captivating, gloomy and abrasive. Architects of a fragile and imposing universe, the three sitting musicians have gathered momentum since their creation in 2007. In the aftermath of a successful collaboration with producer extraordinaire Ross Robinson (The Cure, Korn, At The Drive-in, Deftones, Sepultura, Limp Bizkit, ...), the band has captured new ground imprinting their enigmatic formula to a broadening audience. The fascination of this French trio unfolds in a space haunted by melancholy piano chords, cathartic screams and the hypnotic pulse of a collective identity. A rapture tainted by madness, beauty and despair. Their sound represents a unique opportunity to dig into a captivating film noir synchronizing your cardiac palpitations to the conscience of a band that defies easy labelling.



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