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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


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Manceau is a Retro Pop artist , originally from France.

General information about Manceau


English Name Manceau
Genre Retro Pop
Origin France


Since the summer of 2009, French band Manceau have been composing colorfull and elegant pop music shaped with both simplicity and melodic ambition. Full Time Job, the band’s catchy first single from their forthcoming debut album Life Traffic Jam, produced by Xavier Boyer and Pedro Resende (Tahiti 80) is a clear example of this. In common with the authors of Puzzle is the search for the perfect arrangement in composing intelligent demanding music able to touch everyone, consequently their lyrics and sense of production epitomise freshness and modernity. This has been the leitmotiv for the writing and making of their LP.

Manceau’s album to be released Springtime 2012 follows on from the On a Mellow Day EP (2010), a small collection of sophisticated melodies with false bottoms described as ; happy yet gloomy, colored yet pastel, ornate yet fixed. Song writing touched with the same savoir-faire as The Zombies, The Divine Comedy or Richard Swift.

On stage, Manceau succeeds perfectly in mixing groovy soul-music lightness with more exhilarating hard rhythms. This infusion has been tasted and applauded by audiences across famous Parisian and French venues (La Flèche d’or, L’Aéronef, le Réservoir, le VIP, l’International, le 106) and large festivals (Transmusicales, Le Printemps de Bourges, Main Square Festival, Les Francofolies…) for over a year now. These four pop craftsmen will be touring again at the beginning of 2012.

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