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Masturbation in 2001

Masturbation (恣慰, Zi Wei), Sick Industrial Noise from Beijing, now renamed to Voodoo Kungfu



主唱: 李 難 Li Nan (Vocal)

貝司: 賈 佳 Jia Jia (Bass)

吉他: 韓 松 Han Song (Guitar)

吉他: 荊 雷 Jing Lei (Guitar)

鼓手: 秦少建 Qin Shaojian (Drum)


The band was formed in 2001 due to an act of renaming (they were known as Zi Wei before) resulting from a contract signing with Modern Sky Records.

On September 8th, the band performed live in the Get Lucky Bar, October 4th respectively.

Their first record "It is I" was distributed for sales in April 2002 and in July (14th) it joined the performance "Snow Mountain Festival 2002, Beijing Stopover" (correct name?) in the CD-Café, followed by a performance at the LiJiang Snow Mountain Festival 2002.

After Li Nan disappeared in 2003 and returned to Beijing, the band was renamed to Voodoo Kungfu (Ling Yi).

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