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Meng Qi, electro artist from Beijing



Since he was 14, he began to learn and make Electronic music. He follows international music and works hard on making his music more characteristic and more Chinese. He had made 3 DEMO albums by himself. In early 2004, he had a short cooperation with Tea Records Corporation. In November, 2004 Meng Qi and French Electronic musician Naibu made the single song Cong Lin, which was played on the European Drum N Bass radio station. At the end of the same year he made the public welfare song for a New Zealand children's charity. In 2005, he signed for the Muzicolor Corporation and started his label ChinaVibe Records. In the same year, he spent almost a year to make his first official solo album Landscape In Love, which is released now. One year later, his 2nd album "Landscape On Live" was released, which is the live-oriented remix of his 1st album, it's in the form of a single 50+ minutes long Chinese style electronic music track.

He is also active in doing all-hardware electronic music live-sets since 2005, aiming to get the most expression during realtime interacting with electronic musical instruments such as synthesizers.

With the wish and responsibility to push electronic music scene in China, he had written analog syntheszing tutorials and music production tutorials, released per-month in Midifan Magazine (

Due to his extended knowledge and experience of analog synthesizing. In late 2007 he is chosen by Moog Music and Tomlee Music to be the spokesman and demonstrator of Minimoog Voyager series analog synthesizers in China.

-- from his MySpace page

Born in 85, Beijing. Began playing guitar on 13 yr old, started making music with computer on 15.

Signed ChinaVibe Records in 2005, 2 CD albums released in CVR:

2005 - Landscape In Love

2006 - Landscape On Live

In early 2009 CVR is out of business.

New album is in post production and will be released early 2012.

Dance music live p.a. (mostly dnb) during 2005-2009.

Because of the love for gears and the will to find the best instrument for myself, I’ve also been doing instrument DIY.

Band member of Beijing local rock band “Chiren” since 2008. (, working on synthesizing, sampling, keyboard and some other instruments.

Analog syntheszing tutorials and music production tutorials, released in Midifan Magazine (

-- from his website


Introduction by MengQi

This album "Landscape In Love" is of some pretty experimental melodic dnb/breaks. You can not hear those commerical/underground in this album. I've tried to combine traditional chinese music elements with dnb/breaks. So here is the result :)

The 2nd album from me "Landscape On Live" is a live set style remix of my 1st album. Many new elements were added. It is one long song for 50+ mins. You can only have the whole image if you listen to it from the beginning to the end. Accroding to some comments I heard from my friends, it is not a hard thing to do. ;)

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