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Metal Battle China 金属战火 jin shu zhan huo


Metal Battle is a world wide band competition by German Wacken Open Air Festival. Painkiller Magazine is the local organizator for Chinese area since 2008. Winners of each participating Country may attend to the international final battle on each years Wacken Festival in Germany. Voodoo Kungfu won the Best Metal Band title for China and participated on the international final in 2008. S.A.W. was the winner of 2009 but couldnt make it to Germany due to visa issues.

Metal Battle China is mainly fought in Beijing venues but in 2010, Painkiller also extended the battle fields to Shanghai and Guangzhou. June 2010 the winner of Metal Battle China is Raging Mob, unfortunately also they couldnt make it to participate on the international final on W.O.A. in Germany, even though vocalist Robert Gonnella was actually in German at that time, the other band members couldnt affort the international travel costs.

In 2011, Painkiller started the China battles earlier in March and April.

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