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Misandao was founded in 1999. Their singer Lei Jun was among the first skinheads spreading the original Chinese skinhead subculture in Beijing since the late 1990s. Since those days, Misandao have played more than a hundred gigs in Beijing. In 2004, they organized Beijing's first Open Air Punk Music Day, which was a wild success. In 2006, Max Celko and Heike Scharrer's documentary "Oi Skins in Peking" was produced and aired on European TV stations, receiving wide attention.

General information about MiSanDao



English Name MiSanDao
Chinese Name 蜜三刀 / mì sān dāo
Genre Punk, Oi, Skinhead
Origin / Present city Beijing / Beijing
Founded in 1999
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Band members

Vocals: Lei Jun 雷骏
Bass: Mark 马克
Drums: Guo Yang 郭杨
Guitars: Sun Yalun 孙亚伦
Guitars: Huang Chen 黄辰

Former band members

Guitar: Li You


1999-2001: The beginnings

Mi San Dao in March 2000

In Spring 1999, Mi San Dao was formed as Oi Punk band by 雷駿 (Vocals) and 馬克 (Bass). On March 9th, 2000, they performed in the 朋友倶楽部. Later that year their lineup increased to: 雷駿 (Vocals), Wang Jiang 王江 (Guitars), 馬克 (Bass) and 王肖樂 (Drums). On December 18th, they peformed in the CD-Cafe. On December 28th, they rocked the CD-Cafe. On February 23rd, 2001, they rocked the 開心楽園 bar. On March 16th, they performed in the 開心楽園. On April 13th, they rocked the Get Lucky Bar. Then Wang Jiang (G) left the band and 閔焔 joins instead. On December 14th they performed in theGet Lucky Bar. Also in 2001, they joined in an international compilation entitled 支援波兰 (Support for Poland? Link anyone?).


On March 15th, they performed as support act to Japanese bands TOMATO JELLY and no-table during the People's Records party at the Get Lucky Bar. On April 6th, they performed again as support act to Japanese band Lolita No. 18 and Korean NONSTOP BODY during a People's Records party at the Get Lucky Bar. On March 30th, they rocked the Get Lucky Bar. In May Sudo Saturo joins as drummer, so that the lineup consists of 雷駿 (Vocals), 閔焔 (Guitars), 馬克 (Bass) and Sudo Saturo (Drums). July 6th, they performed at the Get Lucky Bar. Later that month their first independent record with 11 songs, Clamp Down is released. July 20th, they rocked the 有戯 bar. In October, MiSanDao, together with Kill Tomorrow and Goober Skin Bomb, organized a monthly gig at the What bar called Beijing Rejects Get Together. At that time the band also started to sell T-Shirts at their live gigs. On November 14th, they joined yet another People's Records party at the Get Lucky Bar, performing as support act to Japanese bands ONE SHOT SKULLMENZ and A.S.K. December 13th, they rocked the Get Lucky Bar. In 2002, the company/website 伟酷 (nowadays the 滚石可乐国际音乐 company) acquired three songs from MiSanDao and distributed them online.


In 2003, the record Beijing Rejects (VA) was released. On January 11th, they performed in the What bar. On February 15th, they performed at the What bar. On March 14th, they rocked the CD-Cafe. On March 29th, they performed at the 栗正 bar. In June 李游 joined on the guitars. On July 18th, they rocked the Nirvana bar. On November 14th, they performed in the Nameless Highland. On November 29th, they rocked the B52 bar. On December 27th, they rocked the 路尚 bar as support act to Taiwanese bands 滅火器 and 半導體. In 2003, they further finished shooting the MV 中华警魂. They signed to Italian record company BRISTORT OI.


On April 17th, 2004, they performed at the 藍雲敖包 bar. On April 24th, they rocked Qingdao's La Villa during the Remember Ramones & Nirvana event. On July 9th, they rocked the What bar. On August 14th, they performed in the What bar. On August 21st they performed in the Yun Meng 雲夢 bar as support act to Japanese bands Kattu and Dokuro Piece. August 28th, they organized and performed at the 懐柔県鵝和鴨農庄 during the 2004 Beijing Punk Music Festival (2004北京首届露天朋克音楽節). This was recorded and later distributed as Beijing 828 DVD. Lineup at that time: 雷駿 (Vocals), 馬克 (Bass) and Zhang Qian 張騫 (Drums). In December their song What we got was included in the compilation record Beijing Punk Vol 2 (VA). Thereafter Wu Ke Jia 呉可嘉 joined on guitars. The lineup then was: 雷駿 (Vocals), 呉可嘉 (Guitars), 馬克 (Bass) and 張騫 (Drums). Later that year, they signed with a German company for sales & distribution (德国“双人”唱片). In December they joined the 江西聖誕節万人狂歓夜 event. In 2004, they also received an invitation to perform in Taiwan, at the 台北墾丁音乐节, however were not able to attend.


MiSanDao, 2005, TianAnMen, Photo: MiSanDao

On January 1st, 2005, they rocked the Yun Meng bar. On January 29th, they performed in 寧夏回族自治区銀川 together with amongst others Easy Going. On March 5th, they rocked the 13 Club. Lineup at that time: 雷駿 (Vocals), 陳蕭楠 (ex- Kill Tomorrow) (Guitars), 馬克 (Bass) and 張騫 (Drums). On June 3rd, they performed at the 13 Club. On June 18th, they rocked the 紫羅蘭 bar. On July 9th they performed in the 13 Club. On July 23rd, they held the PUNK AND SKINHEAD進駐芸術区首場露天狂歓夜 event at the 芸術東区A区. August 13th, they performed at the Second Beijing Punk Music Festival (第二届北京露天PUNK音乐节) in the 2 Kolegas. October 1st they rocked the 13 Club. Later that month, they released their record Proud Of The Way. Lineup for that: 雷駿 (Vocals), 張騫 (Guitars), 馬克 (Bass) and 郭楊 (Drums). October 21st, they peformed in the What bar. November 12th, they rocked the What bar. December 24th they performed during the Christmas party at the What bar. During that party, the compilation Forming was recorded. At the end of the year Zhang Qian (張騫) leaves the band.


In 2006, the band lineup was: 雷駿 (Vocals), 李游 (The Unregenerate Blood) (Guitars), 馬克 (Bass) and 郭楊 (Drums). In January their song We Are Skinhead We Are Punk is included in the So Rock! Magazine (no. 48). On February 11th, they rocked the What bar. On April 14th, they performed in the What bar. On May 4th, they rocked the Nameless Highland. On July 1st, they performed in the What bar. On August 5th, they rocked the Nameless Highland. On August 26th, they rocked at the Third Beijing Punk Music Festival at the 面対面倶楽部. On September 16th, they performed at Shanghai's 1234 Music Festival at 三甲港海浜楽園. On November 18th, they rocked the Nameless Highland as support act to SMZB. On November 24th, they rocked the Nameless Highland as support act to Norway punk band Haggis. On December 30th, they performed in the Nameless Highland. At the end of the year the documentary movie OI SKINHEAD IN CHINA about MiSanDao is completed and screened in Germany, France and other Europe countries' TV channels. In 2006, they also helped French band SKARFACE to come to China.


Mi San Dao, 2007, Shanghai, Photo: Yoshito Katori

January 13th, 2007, they performed live in the Nameless Highland. Then Liu Bao (Keyboards) joined. On May 3rd, they performed on the Gibson Guitar stage of the Midi Music Festival 2007. On June 2nd, they rocked Tianjin's 縁祥歌舞庁. On June 22nd, they peformed in the 合炫音楽工廠. July 14th, they performed at the Mao during the 2nd anniversary of 全体集合 (beherenow.cn) BE BRIT NOW event, which was thereafter released as DVD Be Brit Now (VA) in October. Lineup after the gig: 雷駿(Vo), Liu Bao 劉葆 (G), 馬克(B) and 郭楊(Dr). July 28th, they rocked the Mao live house. August 12th, they performed at the Mao. From August 15th to September 18th, they toured Europe. September 21st, they performed at the D-22. October 13th, they rocked the Mao during the Fourth Beijing Punk Music Festival (第四届北京朋克音楽節). October 26th, they rocked the D-22 as support act for French band ANTI-CLOCKWISE. Thereafter 孫亞倫 (ex-Life For Drinking) joins as guitarist, so the band extends to 5 members. In November they release a record about their 2007 Tour Show in Europe. On December 22nd, they performed in Shanghai at the Contemporary Art Center during the 馬克華菲 聖誕狂歓音楽節 event.


On May 24th, 2008, they performed at the What bar. On June 6th, they rocked the What bar. June 28th, they performed at the What bar. July 4th, they performed at the Mao live house. August 9th, they rocked the D-22. September 19th, they performed at Mao's Fifth Beijing Punk Music Festival (第五届北京朋克音楽節). October 2nd, they rocked Hefei's 勝利者 bar. October 3rd, they performed at Ningbo's 1982 bar. October 4th, they performed at Shanghai's Yuyintang. October 6th, they rocked Nanjing's 城堡 bar. October 8th, they rocked Yiwu's 隔壁 bar. October 10th, they performed at Nanchang's 黒鉄 bar. October 11th, they performed at Wuhan's VOX bar. October 12th, they performed at Changsha's 肆陸 bar. October 26th, they rocked the Mao live house. Also in October they are giving an interview to VICE Magazine Germany. Asked on their feeling on being the only skin(head) band in Beijing, they replied:

We started this band, because nobody else in China played the music, which we wanted to listen to. That is still the case. If I would live in London, I certainly would not be in any band, but just attending concert. - Lei Jun[1]

November 29th, they performed at Mao. December 20th, they performed at Shanghai's Fashion hub 1150 Live house for the 2008歌声亮音楽季 festival.


Mi San Dao, 2009, Shanghai, Photo: Yoshito Katori

February 21st, 2009, they performed in the Mao Live House. On May 9th, they rocked the Starlive as support act to British punk band SHAM69. June 12th, they rocked the Mao Live House. July 31st, they performed in the Mao Live House during the Sixth Beijing Punk Music Festival (六届北京朋克音楽節). September 2nd, they had to cancel their Europe tour as the embassy of Germany did no grant them visas.[2] October 23rd, they performed in the MAO Live House Shanghai. According to Jake Newby: Misandao in particular played a great set and, in a week when it's been questioned whether Chinese bands are "political enough", it took them all of five minutes to curse the government and the Expo. Their set was one massive "fuck you" to the authorities, with songs about those in power and the police. The singer had his middle finger raised for pretty much the entire set.[3] October 24th, they performed in Zhujiajiao (Shanghai) during the 2009上海朱家角水郷音楽節 - 雲不挿電音楽会. Lineup at that time 雷駿 (Vocals), 孫亞倫 (Guitars), 黄辰 (Hell City) (Guitars), 馬克 (Bass) and 郭楊 (Drums).


Mi San Dao, 2010

On May 1st, 2010, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010. According to MTV Iggy: Soon the lead singer, a large skinhead with red suspenders and a deep, guttural voice, launches into their first song, “Chinese Rudieboy.” The fist pumping oi-ing begins in earnest. The crowd moves back as a spray of sweat flies through the air, giving the space a delicate mist of eau du punk.[4] In July, shortly before their 10th anniversary on July 9th, Misandao gave an interview to Cityweekend Beijing. Asked on the most craziest story in their band history, they responded

Once when we were playing in France, our guitarist took a shit in the doorway of the Swiss Consulate. He was frantically looking for a bathroom but honestly couldn’t find one. All the local punks were totally shocked…[5]

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