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Michael Vonplon

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Michael Vonplon

English Name Michael Vonplon
Field active in Promoter, DJ

Michael Vonplon comes from Switzerland and works on cultural exchange programs between Swiss and China, he is also owner of Beijing's club Haze.



He used to organize the first Techno Parties in China and on the Great Wall 1998 (time flies:). For more than 15 years, he engages himself in culture exchange projects between China and Europe, mainly Switzerland and mainly in Music. He was the first to invite Chinese Rock and Electronic Musicians to Europe in 99 already and invite Chinese Artists to Europe every year. Last year (2012), they hosted 86 people from China to Switzerland for our Festival "China Drifting" and the Street Parade Zurich and beginning of December he produced a Europe tour with Re-TROS 重塑雕像的权利 and Pet Conspiracy 宠物同谋, Huzi and his band are long-time friends and played with him in Europe many times already. Today he also runs a club in Bejing named (Haze), along with his partner Yang Bing and others and works at the culture company Miro China GmbH.

Introduction "China Drifting" Music Brand

China Drifting welcomes luminaries from the world of music and art, all of whom understand the power of cultural exchange and intercultural dialogue. The festival presents interdisciplinary art forms, traditional and contemporary art from China and Europe. It provides, workshops, panels and festival productions. It connects and supports unconventional people and ideas. China Drifting produces and supports cultural projects, it is an independent and private platform. China Drifting is a party for music and art lovers, for people interested in China and its people, a convention for record labels, music managers and agents, but also for lifestyle brands, for media professionals and educational establishments. It is an open platform to create bridges between the East and the West and for independent artist to join forces and to open doors.

About Miro China GmbH

Miro China GmbH produced a string of extremely successful projects in recent years that brought together the most outstanding acts from both, the Swiss and the Chinese contemporary art and music scenes. Miro China operates in a wide range of cultural fields in China and Switzerland. With its distinctive know-how and premium networks, Miro China is able to provide a perfect platform for Chinese artists in Switzerland and Swiss artists in China. The company is well-positioned to give a unique insight into the Chinese culture and diverse aspects of business management. Miro China can offer excellence in consulting and management as well as research services in a wide range of business in China.

Latest large-scale projects

  • China Drifting: Festival for cultural exchange, held in Zurich.
  • Swiss Kiss: Tourism project to show Chinese guests an urban and lively Switzerland.

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