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General Information

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official English website of the Midi Festival 2008

Location: Beijing Midi School, No. 12 RuiWangFen Jia (瑞王坟甲12号), Haidan District, Beijing, China

Date: October 1 - 5, 2008 (14:00 -- 22:00)

Organizer: Beijing Midi School of Music

Tickets: 50 RMB/day, 150 RMB/all days

Bands Impressions of Midi
Live and Rockin'
Midi 2007 at night
More than 50 Chinese bands and 10 foreign bands rocked this years Midi!

Schedules: Midi 2008 Stages

Check out the Midi 2008 Photos and impressions of previous Midi festivals. Dive into the concerts before and lighten up the spirit of Midi...

Location & Directions
Directions to Midi
Located at the Midi School of Mordern Music in Beijing, here are the respective directions...


Basic Festival Info

for details pleas see: Midi 2008 Info

There won't be an organized Apres Midi by the Midi School itself, but interested clubs can receive the contact info of all participating bands to organize their own Apres Midi.

Ticket: 50 RMB for one day, 150 RMB for all 5 days

Rules & Regulations: Midi Music Festival

Want to know more about the history of Midi?: Midi Music Festival


Contact Information

Midi Music Festival Organization Committee

  • Tel:8610-62858616 / 62859013
  • Fax:8610-62858616
  • Email:hey@midifestival.com
  • Web:www.midifestival.com

Midi Music School Office

  • Tel:+8610-62590101 / 62590007
  • Fax:+8610-62590007
  • Email:master@midischool.com.cn

Participating Artists

For schedules and participating artists see Midi 2008 Stages.

General Matters

Arrival and Directions see Midi 2008 Location

Rules for Camping see Midi 2008 Camping

Organization see: Midi 2008 Organization

Further Information