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Rules for Camping

Camping Areas

Camping is only allowed in the camping areas defined by Midi Festival, each camping area is divided into spaces. The staff at the camping areas will help visitors keep the order and position of camping spaces and care for garbage. We ask all campers to help and keep this area clean.

Camping (over night) on festival areas is prohibited. All festival will be cleared off each evening when Haidian Park is gonna to close the gates (around 10pm). Visitors are not allow to stay over night within the festival area.

Opening Time

  • the Camping area will be opened on 30th April at 9am and closed on 5th May at 2pm.
  • On the 1st May at 11am a morning call service will wake you up at camping area and inform you about the leaving bus for heading to the festival area.

Garbage and order

  • The cleaning and garbage service will start every day at 4pm.
  • The staff at the camping area will provide black garbage plastic bags for all tents. The garbage service will pick up all full packed garbage bags.
  • There will be a toilet and garbage area especially provided for the camping area.
  • Tents: there is no specific restriction about the distance between tents, but please keep a regular distance between tents that makes sense.


  • the emergency terminals (gate ways in case of fire, ambulance etc.) must be kept free of any physical blockades (incl. tents, garbage, all kind of ropes etc.) at all time, so firemen and ambulance can immediately get through to all areas and evacuate any area if necessary!
  • camping fire: any kind of open fire at all camping areas incl. parking places are strictly prohibited, incl. candles, cooking tools, barbecue, torches, electric and gas heaters etc.!
  • Furniture: home use furnitures and other easy flammable objects are not allowed to be brought into all camping areas, except for objects especially designed for camping usages.


  • Parking: without specific permissions, vehicles are not allowed on camping areas, personal cars must be parked at predestined parking places.
  • Bikes: the usage of bikes is not allowed within the festival areas (except for explicit permission). The usage of bikes in the camping areas does not require any permissions, although we recommend not to. Bikes can be stored near the east gate entrance.
  • Camping costs: Midi Music School does not charge any fees for the camping and therefor can not provide camping accessories.