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General Festival Info

This year, the location of the stages is going to be a little different from the 2007 festival. However in addition to the outdoor stages, also the exhibition hall next to the east gate is going to be used.

There won't be an organized Apres Midi by the Midi School itself, but interested clubs can receive the contact info of all participating bands to organize their own Apres Midi.

Ticket: 50 RMB for one day, 150 RMB for all 4 days

Rules & Regulations: Midi Music Festival

Want to know more about the history of Midi?: Midi Music Festival



Starting at 12:00 on 1st May Haidian Park will open its gates for festival visitors. Your ticket is valid both for Haidian Park and all festival areas (incl. official Midi venues of the festival, details tba).

A 4-days ticket will be available, valid starting on May 1st at 12:00 and expires on May 4th at 22:00.

The ticket sale starts on May 1st at 12:00.
(due to experiences of last year, you should hurry to buy the 4-days-ticket, it was sold out last year already at late afternoon on the first days and not available anymore for the rest of the festival time)

For drivers:

beginning at 8:00 of 1st May till 12:00 of 4th May, no car driving is allowed inside of Haidian Park except for vehicles explicitly allowed by Midi Festival organizers.


This year, Midi Festival will provide a shopping lane north from (behind) the main stage. Available articles of Midi Festival are T-Shirts and Girly Shirts, long sleeves, cups, key patches, headphones etc.

== Tickets == == Contact Information ==

Tickets are available between 1st - 4th May at the Main Gate of Haidian Park

Ticket Prices

One Day Ticket: RMB 50.-- each day

All-Days-Ticket: RMB 150.-- for all 4 days

Note: this year's Midi Festival wont have student-tickets or group-tickets.

Entrance: Entrance at Main Gate from 1st - 4th May each day at 11am

Midi Music Festival Organization Committee

  • Tel: 8610-62858616 / 62859013
  • Fax: 8610-62858616
  • Email: hey@midifestival.com
  • Web: www.midifestival.com

Midi Music School Office

  • Tel: +8610-62590101 / 62590007
  • Fax: +8610-62590007
  • Email: master@midischool.com.cn