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Flea Market

Midi Festival Flea Market shot by Cai Ming.jpg

Midi Festival will provide a seperate area for a Flea Market and private sales again this year, here are few rules to be respected:

  1. The Flea Market remains free of charge completely
  2. It is forbidden to sale/trade illegal and pirate products/items
  3. Sales of drinks, food and alcohol are not allowed on the Flea Market area
  4. Sales of hygiene and medical products (e.g. drugs, condoms etc.) are forbidden

BTW, the official logo and name of Midi (school and festival) are registered Trade Marks, so please dont use it without permission by authorities of Midi Festival and Midi School.

Time to Jam

No matter if you go for folk, rock, jazz or go black, Hot Cat Club is your stage to "play" the music festival utopia!

In 2011 Hot Cat Club will collaborate with Midi Festival to engage the Jam Stage (芥末 jie me, their Chinese phonal name of "Jam" actually means mustard :). According to Midi's spirit of "The real utopian festival way is where everyone is equal on Midi", there is a chance given to any musicians to prform on Midi.

Using the platt form of the most famous Chinese music festival - the Midi Music Festival - Beijing's insider tip live bar Hot Cat Club will provide a stage for hard working and struggeling musicians to expose their talend and communicate with music lovers. See Jam Stage

BUD ROCKS! Midi Campus Band Competition!

BUD ROCKS! Midi Campus Band Competition will bring into play on 1st, May, it is another original rock music event created and hosted in 2011 by Midi school. We will provide a professional fair music platform for rock fans in school to present their personalities and talents. You can apply online, or just come to our festival (Beijing and Shanghai), sign up in front of the stage!

Kid's Midi

As the first and biggest outdoor music festival brand in China, Midi music festival crew collaborated with UCCA, a world-class contemporary art promotion institution, carried out an unprecedented project of Children’s Art socially useful activity among all. The project is themed with ecological environment preservation, aiming to arouse the public environmental awareness of new generation to love beauty, nature and friends. In order to better pass down the enthusiasm towards arts to next generation, UCCA associated with Midi music festival crew released the art project Cute! Midi For Children. Children can make some contribution to ecological environment preservation under a good artistic atmosphere through the project. Meanwhile, it is also a fun way to encourage kids’ enthusiasm for arts and innovation capability.

Artist Introduction

Yao Wei(Mint): A contemporary artist, a cartoonist, living in Beijing and Paris, the prizewinner of Picture Book Gold Award in the 7th Golden Dragon Award. Many of her comic works have been exhibited in large comic fairs in China, Japan and South Korea. In 2010, creative doll “Fawn Bunny” originally designed by Yao Wei joining hands with French couturier Fifi Chachnil participated in an auction & donation event held by UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund).

Yuan Yuan: A contemporary artist, graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Central Institute of Fine Arts, living in Beijing. She perceives the real life via painting as her main creation production. In October 2008, participated in New York co2008 exhibition, Chambers Fine Art; in February 2009, participated in Spectacle To Each, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, MOMA Taipei; in July 2009, participated in The Making Market Summer, BCA, Beijing; in April 2010, participated in True False Objects curated by Yu Hong.

Guo Lijun: A contemporary artist, graduated from General Art Studio, Integrated Art Department of China Academy of Art. Working and living in Beijing. Exhibition participated: 2010, The Youth Market “I’m…”, BCA, Beijing; 2009 Winter Solstice – 2010 Lesser Cold, Chambers Fine Art, Beijing; in 2009, Conspiracy Under The Sun, Beijing; in 2008, Take Your Time, Star Space, Shanghai; in 2006, “The Maze” multimedia performance, Mingyuan Group, Shanghai.

Official Text by UCCA:

The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) and MIDI are teaming up with local artists Mint, Guo Lijun and Yuan Yuan to offer a series of specially-designed children’s art workshops and activities during the 2011 MIDI Festival(30th, Apirl -2nd,May,14:00-18:00). Plus, keep your eyes peeled for even more special events and surprise art installations during the course of the festival!

Schedule of Events

(Notes: All events are free of charge; art materials provided. Events limited to 30 participants at a time, so please line up and wait your turn.)

14:00 - 15:00 15:00 - 16:30 16:30 - 17:00 17:00 - 18:00
April 30th Making storybooks for kids living in rural communities "I Spy with My Two Eyes": Making homemade priscopes with artist Mint. Outdoor game time. sing-along with MIDI's coolest bands
May 1st Making storybooks for kids living in rural communities "Me, My Friend and I": Making masks with artist Guo Lijun. Outdoor game time. sing-along with MIDI's coolest bands
May 2nd Making storybooks for kids living in rural communities "Me, Myself and I": Painting self-portraits in mirrors with artist Yuan Yuan. Outdoor game time. sing-along with MIDI's coolest bands

Gargabe Policy

Music Festival will take waste classification work

Midi Music Festival for live performances of garbage waste. Environmental staff and tourists to clean up trash and maintain a good environment.

Waste Sorting

Midi Modern Music Festival, There will be a lot of garbage. To ensure recovery of as much as possible, waste must be classified - for example, fragile, paper, metal and non-combustible materials. The recovery and separation system will be in the Midi Music Festival of the business and live performances to be implemented. Waste batteries can be thrown into the clean area of the designated points.


In 2005, the Midi Music Festival will be the introduction of organic waste disposal. Tourists in the camp area the correct classification for the organic waste is very difficult. Thus, the classification of organic waste in the food sales area will be ahead of schedule.

Reconstruction of the site

Midi Music Festival ended, on the spot left behind a lot of cleaning problems. The activity area of rubbish will all be processed. All three bags in front of businesses to implement the policy, all the closed areas of environmental protection personnel from the clean-up the last.

Health and environment

Participate in the festival with the gradual increase in visitors each year festival to put in a lot of energy to ensure sanitary conditions. Festival site will be set up temporary mobile toilets. In the event that there would be more clean and convenient facility. This can shorten the waiting time for people and teams.

Partners of Midi 2011


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