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Security matters and regulations

It is not difficualt for festival visitors to follow three important safety regulations below. We also hope that people will respect and pass on the spirit of three security specifications during the festival. Other security related assignments will be carried out by our well-trained professional and team staff who are all-time on-duty. Their job is specifically to be responsible for the safety of the audience. At situations of any uneasiness in the audience they will be at place immediately. Visitors can recognize them by their security signs.

First: next time she or he will do the same for you

In the crow, the person next to you may be your friend or a stranger, or even speak a different language. However, since the moment you attended the festival, you all have become a community, thus it becomes a resposibility to care for the people around you. If she or he seems to feel uncomfortable or anxious, you can reach out and offer your help. She or he will also do the same to help you and others. If she/he passes out, be sure to help her/him up; if she looks sick, help her to go for medical care.

Second: listen - for your own safety

Safety information will be brought over by the big screen, the sound system and the on-site security maintenance staff, can of course also be achieved through other means. Important notations and announcements will be broadcast through the speakers, performing artists will interrupt their show to ensure everyone's safety. It is most important for the safety of yours and others to carefully listen in cases of such important security announcements which is formulated in easy to understand phrases and released by the security chief advisor of of the festival.

Third: guard safety for the crowd

Visitors often attending large-scale music festivals may be familiar with this kind of festival staff - the on-site security guards, they are ready to help in security matters for everyone, they are the guaranty of security of festival performances and the audience. When you encounter difficulties, or you dropped your belongings out of reach places (restricted areas), you can ask the security staff to help out. So when you or the one next to you would need help, please do not hesitate and contact them.

Crowd surfing is not permitted on the festival!

The administration of Midi Music Festival has the right to stop the crowd surfing (a person passed overhead from person to person during a concert) and other dangerous activities.

Emergency Center: Emergency Response Office

At any time, when on-site personnels or visitors alert about needs for doctors, police or firemen, the emergency services office will be instantly informed and immediately contact on-site or off-site responsible departments in an apropriate way.

The Emergency Response Office commander knows all areas of the festival very and will stay aware of current conditions and circumstances in those areas, such as parking places, camping places and all other festival activity areas. With the controll over all ongoing activities, they are capable to manage all sources and forces to meet and respond on suddenly occured emergency situations.

Emergency office will be open 24 hours a day, the following staff members will be in attendence to solve different kinds of situations:

  1. On duty commander (he will watch the global happening of the festival)
  2. Two on duty staff members (mainly responsible for answering incoming calls)
  3. Coordinator of the Emergency Response Team (administrates the well trained emergency response team to resolve cases of disputes)
  4. Emergency Medical Officer (Coordination of health care resources)
  5. One police officer to answer calls of alert.

During the ongoing festival live programm, our emergency doctors will stay on standby in the Emergency Office.

To ensure an efficient working environment for the staff of the Emergency Office, only a limited group of festival personnels are permitted to enter the Emergency Office, such as: Emergency Office staff, festival administrators, policemen and fireguards on duty.

The On-site Emergancy Team

In order to solve difficualt situations that the general service staff can not cope with, we have established a special instrument - the On-site Emergancy Team.

The On-site Emergancy Team stands under the administration of the Emergency Response Office, and their function differs from the police. During the process of issues handling they will try to avoid physical contact and prevent things to escalate violently. As for trouble causing individuals or in case of fights, the On-site Emergancy Team is in charge to stop aggressive acts, if not successful the police will be informed. On-site Emergancy Team will usually watch over things at given spots and will stay in contact with the Emergency Response Office. They can be addressed to help and resolve conflicts or to defuse the crisis.

Environmental Protection Policy

  • Use of Non-Recyclable Materials.
  • The Midi school will do its best to use environmentally friendly supplies whenever possible, while at the same time using only materials that are healthy for our patrons.
  • There will be preparations made to handle all recyclable bottles and/or containers at the festival.
  • Safety and Security.

"Although we plan to have safe and violence-free festival, there will be people at the festival to provide security if any event or action should warrant intervention.

Our ability to minimize the environmental impact our festival has grown stronger with each passing year. We appreciate your help with these matters and look forward to further minimizing any harm we might do." - Statement by Midi Music Festival

The Beginnings of our Environmental Protection Policy

The environmental protection group will guarantee the completion of all the tasks surrounding the duty of environmental protection.Each year we endeavor to provide an updated policy to respond to the ever-changing needs of our community.

Improving the Environmental Awareness of our Audience.

Most of the tourists protect the festival, but as the Festival grows larger and larger the problem of waste removal becomes an issue. We ask that people please place all garbage in the designated garbage receptacles.Our policies alone cannot protect the environment, we need your help.If possible, please take your garbage with you away from the festival.

Our Plans for the Future.

We will continue our efforts to protect the environment, and minimize the residual effects the Festival has on our community.

Garbage Removal Information

Garbage Cleaning:The Midi Festival makes a concerted effort to keep our venue clean and environmentally friendly. We offer extensive recycling facilities, in addition to our rigorous post-Festival cleanup efforts.

Keeping the Festival clean and Safe

For security and environmental reasons, we ask that our patrons bring no glass bottles, tin cans or plastic containers. Any containers of this nature found will be confiscated by security.

Policy on Noise Pollution

As our sound system improves, the Midi Festival is constantly reevaluating our policy on volume control.Our basic philosophy is to reduce the possibility of harm to either the people or our environment.

The Necessity of Volume Control

When is the volume of a live show too loud? In fact there is no clear level of volume at which a point becomes “too loud”, however, the inhabitants of the HaidianPark area are certainly entitled to protection by Beijing’s law of environmental protection. In Europe many festivals have volume limitations to protect the citizens of the surrounding areas. The law of Beijing prohibits the volume of the Midi Music festival to ever exceed 140db, with sustained volume levels not to exceed 107db.

How well does Midi Festival achieve these goals?

The first priority of the Midi Festival is that the volume should always be considered acceptable by the people of the surrounding area.

The engineer team at the MidiSchool will be on hand with the best test equipment to ensure that the aforementioned levels are maintained, and to ensure that everyone can enjoy the music safely. The Midi Festival will obey the aforementioned laws of international noise control throughout the duration of the Festival. This entitles people 400m away or further experience levels of exposure to the Festival to never exceed 65db during daytime hours, and 55db during the night. In addition to this workers and volunteers will never be exposed to sound in excess of 85db for more then eight hours per day.


What we expect of the audience

A member of the audience is expected to follow the safety rules posted at the concert venue. We also hope that people will communicate with each other well, and encourage their friends and neighbors to act appropriately. The problems of safety will be, if necessary, dealt with by a professional security group. Their job is to maintain everyone’s safety, and we hope their intervention is unnecessary. The security officers will be easily recognizable by their bright Yellow and Orange jackets.

The Golden Rule applies: Please do to others only as you would have them do to you.

We also ask our audience to please be responsible for those around you. If you witness anyone in trouble or otherwise in need of assistance, we ask you to either help them (when possible), or to please notify either a Beijing Midi volunteer or a security professional.

Listen --- for your own safety

To the side of the stage we will have a screen erected. In case of emergency we ask that you please either tell a Midi volunteer in this screen area, or a security professional wherever they may be. We will then notify the audience if the emergency so warrants.Please pay particular attention to any announcements you hear over the PA system. Any announcement regarding security will be made in simple and clear language by the head of our security team.

Locating a security guard

Our professional security staff will all be wearing bright Yellow and Orange jackets.If at anytime you need assistance please speak with one them for help.

Rules and Regulations regarding Dancing/Crown Surfing and Moshing

The Midi Festival employees are endowed with the power to intervene and stop any dancing, body movements or actions that they deem dangerous.

Emergency Office Information

If at anytime a person should need the assistance of a doctor, firefighter or policeman, they can make contact with any of those people from our Emergency Office.

The workers at the emergency office are intimately acquainted with the Festival venue, and are able to rectify a great number of situations by themselves.They will also coordinating the efforts of our various security forces, and therefore will be able to react quickly to any situation that would require it.

The emergency office will be open 24 hours a day during the Festival. The following resources are located at the emergency office.

  • Manager
  • Two Workers
  • Cooperators
  • Doctor
  • One policeman

During performance hours the doctor will be readily on duty.

Emergency Office

Due to size constraints, in order to keep the Emergency Office in smooth working condition we must limit the number of people in the emergency office at one time. Please speak with a security professional at the concert venue for details.

Security Professionals

The security professionals will immediately intervene in any violent situation. If they are unable to resolve the situation peacefully, the police will be informed. The security professionals will be patrolling the venue, and will be in close radio contact with the police. They’re job is to, for your safety, intervene or inform the police of any situation which is dangerous or illegal.


the Possession and use of drugs in the PRC is illegal. Taking drugs at the Festival could lead to unpredictable and hazardous situations. They are strictly forbidden.

If anyone is caught taking drugs at the Midi Festival, the police will be summarily informed, and the offending parties taken immediately in Police custody.

If you witness anyone exhibiting symptoms of drug or alcohol overdose, including stupor, inability to stand, walk or talk. Please notify a security professional.

Enjoy the Festival!

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