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Flea Market

Midi Festival Flea Market shot by Cai Ming.jpg

Midi Festival will provide a seperate area for a Flea Market and private sales again this year, here are few rules to be respected:

  1. The Flea Market remains free of charge completely
  2. It is forbidden to sale/trade illegal and pirate products/items
  3. Sales of drinks, food and alcohol are not allowed on the Flea Market area
  4. Sales of hygiene and medical products (e.g. drugs, condoms etc.) are forbidden

BTW, the official logo and name of Midi (school and festival) are registered Trade Marks, so please dont use it without permission by authorities of Midi Festival and Midi School.

Gargabe Policy

Music Festival will take waste classification work

Midi Music Festival for live performances of garbage waste. Environmental staff and tourists to clean up trash and maintain a good environment.

Waste Sorting

Midi Modern Music Festival, There will be a lot of garbage. To ensure recovery of as much as possible, waste must be classified - for example, fragile, paper, metal and non-combustible materials. The recovery and separation system will be in the Midi Music Festival of the business and live performances to be implemented. Waste batteries can be thrown into the clean area of the designated points.


In 2005, the Midi Music Festival will be the introduction of organic waste disposal. Tourists in the camp area the correct classification for the organic waste is very difficult. Thus, the classification of organic waste in the food sales area will be ahead of schedule.

Reconstruction of the site

Midi Music Festival ended, on the spot left behind a lot of cleaning problems. The activity area of rubbish will all be processed. All three bags in front of businesses to implement the policy, all the closed areas of environmental protection personnel from the clean-up the last.

Health and environment

Participate in the festival with the gradual increase in visitors each year festival to put in a lot of energy to ensure sanitary conditions. Festival site will be set up temporary mobile toilets. In the event that there would be more clean and convenient facility. This can shorten the waiting time for people and teams.

Partners of Midi 2013

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Further information