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(the 2nd) Midi Music Awards 2010

Since first launched in 2009, Beijing Midi School of Music keeps on with their Grammy-like Music Awards for Chinese rock. The selection for nominations has a focus on the time span between October 2009 til October 2010, 128 jurors all from the Chinese music industry and scene made their own choices and votes. Members of the standing comittee met on Dec. 12th in Yugong Yishan to define the final winners.

The celebrations takes place during a concert on Dec. 31st 2010, 7pm in Bejing Star Live (150 RMB at door, 80 RMB in advance and students)

Performing Bands: Miserable Faith, Ziyo, Nanwu, Nan Cheng Er Ge, Misandao, Hanggai, Finger Family

Both Yang and Azchael of Rockinchina.com and also Zakk Wu and Han Ning of Painkiller Magazine are members of the Jury.


Awards (Nomineesr)

最佳年度摇滚专辑 (Album of the Year) :: [[]]

Reflector - Explain You 反光镜《释你》

Queen Sea Big Shark - Wave 后海大鲨鱼《浪潮》

Twisted Machine - XXX 扭曲的机器《三十XXX》

Miserable Faith - Bloom 痛仰《盛开》

最佳年度摇滚歌曲 (Song of the Year) :: [[]]

Reflector - Grow up 反光镜《长大》

Miserable Faith - Bloom 痛仰《盛开》

Miserable Faith - The most beautiful day in Life 痛仰《生命中最美丽的一天》

Omnipotent Youth Society - Non-omnipotent comedy 万能青年旅店《不万能的喜剧》

Omnipotent Youth Society - Kill that Shijiazhuang guy 万能青年旅店《杀死那个石家庄人》

最佳年度摇滚乐队 (Best Rock Performance By Group With Vocals) :: [[]]

Second Hand Rose  二手玫瑰

Reflector  反光镜

Queen Sea Big Shark  后海大鲨鱼

Miserable Faith  痛仰

Omnipotent Youth Society  万能青年旅店

最佳年度摇滚男歌手 (Best Male Rock Vocal Performance) :: [[]]

Gao Hu Miserable Faith  高虎(痛仰乐队)

Liang Long Second Hand Rose  梁龙(二手玫瑰乐队)

Xie Tianxiao XTX  谢天笑

Yu Sheng (formerly known as Yu Yang)  虞笙(曾用名虞洋)

Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou  左小祖咒

最佳年度摇滚女歌手 (Best Female Rock Vocal Performance) :: [[]]

Feng Haining Free The Bird  冯海宁(自游乐队)

Fu Han Queen Sea Big Shark  付菡(后海大鲨鱼乐队)

Kang Mao Subs  抗猫(SUBS乐队)

Wu Hongfei Happy Avenue  吴虹飞(幸福大街乐队)

Kelly Cha  查可欣

最佳年度硬摇滚乐队 (Best Hard Rock Performance) :: [[]]

Reflector  反光镜

Mi San Dao  蜜三刀

Twisted Machine  扭曲的机器

Miserable Faith  痛仰

XTX  谢天笑

最佳年度金属乐队 (Best Metal Performance) :: [[]]

Voodoo Kungfu  零壹

Twisted Machine  扭曲的机器

Four Five  肆伍

Yaksa  夜叉

Suffocated  窒息

最佳年度摇滚乐器演奏 (Best Rock Instrumental Performance) :: [[]]

Diao Lei, drummer of Honey Gun and Spring Autumn  刁磊(糖果枪、春秋乐队鼓手)

Guang Wei, guitarist of Muma  关伟(木玛&Third Party乐队吉他手)

Kou Zhengyu, guitarist of Suffocated and Spring Autumn  寇征宇(窒息、春秋乐队吉他手)

Wang Jian, guitarist of Brainfailure and DH & Chinese Hell Cat 王囝(脑浊、DH&Chinese Hell Cat乐队吉他手)

Powell Young, guitarist  歇斯(吉他手)

最佳年度摇滚现场 (Best Live Performance) :: [[]]

Second Hand Rose  二手玫瑰

Queen Sea Big Shark  后海大鲨鱼

Twisted Machine  扭曲的机器

Brainfailure  痛仰

XTX  谢天笑

最佳年度摇滚新人奖 (Best New Artist) :: [[]]

Nanwu  南无

Omnipotent Youth Society  万能青年旅店

AJK  玉麟军

Kelly Cha  查可欣

Finger Family  指人儿

最佳专辑设计奖(Best Album Art) :: [[]]

Slap - A man shall be strong  耳光《男人裆自强》

Queen Sea Big Shark - Wave 后海大鲨鱼《浪潮》

Gemini - The last night of monsters 简迷离《落幕之舞》

Icing Dolls - 1983  糖衣娃娃《1983》

New Pants - Go east  新裤子《Go East》

中国摇滚贡献奖(Contribution to China Rock) :: [[]]

Douban.com  豆瓣网

Fenghua Qiushi Culture  风华秋实文化

Beijing Midi School Of Music  迷笛音乐学校

Modern Sky Records  摩登天空唱片


Album of the Year: Explain You (释你) by 反光镜 Reflector

Song of the Year: “Bloom” (盛开) by 痛仰 Miserable Faith

Best Rock Performance By a Band: 痛仰 Miserable Faith

Best Male Rock Vocal Performance: 谢天笑 Xie Tian Xiao

Best Female Rock Vocal Performance: Fu Han 付菡 of Queen Sea Big Shark

Best Hard Rock Performance: 扭曲的机器 Twisted Machine

Best Metal Performance: 夜叉 Yaksa

Best Rock Instrumental Performance: Xie Si 歇斯 (guitar)

Best Live Performance: 谢天笑 Xie Tian Xiao

Best New Artist: 南无Nanwu

Best Album Art: “Go East” by New Pants

Biggest contribution to Chinese Rock: 迷笛音乐学校 Midi School

Award Ceremony

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the "Midi Brick"

The award trophy is made in the same size and form like a normal brick, thus it's also called a "Midi Brick". It shall be those bricks which builds the foundament and temple of Chinese rock.

The Awards were given out during the new years concert.

Location: Star Live

Date: December 31st 2010

Performing Artists: Miserable Faith, Ziyo, Nanwu, Nan Cheng Er Ge, Misandao, Hanggai, Finger Family

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