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Midi Music Festival 2001 was the first music festival of the Beijing Midi School


General Information

Date: May 1st & 2nd 2001

Location: 北京迷笛音乐学校礼堂,北京海淀区上地信息产业开发区上地东路

Tickets: free entrance

Organizer: Beijing Midi School of Music

Website: ---

Participating Artists

AK-47, Black September, Brain Failure, Fall Insects, Glorious Pharmacy, Happy Avenue, Iron Kite, Miserable Faith, Ordnance, Oxygen Can, Ruins, Sand, Sick Pupa, Sound Fragment, Super VC, T9, Tongue, Twisted Machine, Wood pushing melon, Yaksa

判决, 胖番茄, 爬行者, 绿色兵团, 昏热症, 赤旗, 噬君, 茯苓, 杭天, 梦灵捕手, 异星, 兵马俑, 暗夜公爵, 野草莓等40支乐队

Interesting facts

Not only had there been free entrance, but also free beer and the first edition of the well-known Midi programm book. Roughly 3000 fans, friends and friends of friends were coming per day. Wu Tun of Tongue voiced his famous quote: 摇滚乐并不重要,重要的是你自己! (Rock is not important, important is you!).


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Further Information

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