Midi Music Festival 2003

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Advertisement Poster of the Midi Music Festival 2003
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Midi Music Festival 2003


General information

Location: 北京迷笛音乐学校,北京海淀区瑞王坟甲12号

Date: October 1st- 3rd, 2003

Organizer: Beijing Midi School of Music

Festival series: Midi Music Festival

Participating Local Artists

  • 梵瑞与水
  • 海市蜃楼
  • 女儿红
  • 潜水艇
  • 水中

Participating Foreign Artists

Blister (挪威)

Brahman (日本)


First scheduled for the May holidays, the festival had to be postponed to October due to the SARS outbreak. Nevertheless the postponement the daily attendance in October exceeded 6000 music lovers.

During the festival, an incident occurred to be come known as Brahman incident 2003: On 2 October 2003 at the Midi Music Festival, just after the presenter introduced that the next band – “Brahman” was from Japan, the audiences started to swear and shout loudly. When the Brahman band got on the stage and started to test their musical instruments, water bottles were immediately thrown at them from the audience. The bassist was totally soaked, and had to get off the stage to change his T-shirt. The presenter walked to the front of the stage, and tried to calm down the audience, but before he spoke, a water bottle hit him on his face and broke his glasses. When the performance started, an egg hit the vocalist on his head, but the vocalist just wiped it away and carried on his performance. The strange thing is that many of those angry audience members later cheered the performance of Brahman. A young man almost fought with a Japanese fan who wore a “Beijing Punk” T-shirt, but after a conversation, they hugged each other and enjoyed the performance together.[1]

Further Information

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  1. W. Qian (2007). The Crisis of Chinese Rock in the mid-1990s: Weakness in Form or Weakness in Content. Page 325 University of Liverpool.