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General information


Location: Haidan Park, Beijing, China; 北京海淀公园

Date: May 1st-4th, 2007 plus May 5th

Organizer: Beijing Midi School of Music

Festival Series: Midi Music Festival


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In 2007, the festival featured for the first time a dedicated hip hop stage. Lasting from May 1st to May 4th/5th, this years festival was sponsored by Greenpeace.[1] According to some reports, up to 80000 fans visited the festival on the first day.[2]

65 domestic bands and 25 international ones plus another 50 artists from Beijing. In total 6 stages in the HaiDian Park in Beijing.

Main Stage: 40 Bands (28 domestic and 12 foreign) organized by the Midi School another 40 bands (same distribution) organized by the Guitar China Webpage.

Mini Midi Stage: 20 or so electronic artists

Yen Dance Music Stage: 25 DJs, both domestic and international ones

Hip Hop stage:

And the Apres Midi Stage, organized by Jon Campbell of YGTWO(.org), caution: NOT in the HaiDian Park, but in 星光娱, each day starting at 9pm (so after the usual Midi shows). On the last day, 5th, 8 o'clock, the Painkiller Magazine is organizing a metal day!

2007迷笛现代音乐节将于2007年5月1日至4日在北京市海淀公园举行。 共有90支中外乐队(65支国内乐队和25支国外乐队)及50名个人音乐家为观众奉献出精彩的现代音乐。


第二舞台 (the Second Stage ) : 由吉他中国网站协办的第二舞台将有28支中国乐队和12支国外乐队参加演出。

第三舞台 (Mini Midi Stage 电子实验舞台) : 是由“Sub Jam-观音唱片”负责监制的电子音乐家的表演舞台,内容包括:电子实验音乐、先锋音乐家与乐队、音乐装置艺术展示等,是一个由20余名电子音乐家共同演绎的有别于其他舞台音乐形式的非常有意思的表演区。该舞台将在第四天特别推出“民谣日”,届时将有5支民谣乐队及5位民谣个人为观众献上精彩演出。

第四舞台 (Yen Dance Music Stage 舞曲舞台) : 由凹凸文化旗下的“焱”舞曲品牌精心打造。邀请国内外25位DJ高手,带来风格迥异的舞曲风格,在四天中全面展示中国电子舞曲数年来的精神与震动。

第五舞台 (Hip-Hop 舞台) :这是本届音乐节新增加的舞台,国内外众多嘻哈乐队及高手全力打造Groove互动空间。

Impressions of Midi

Check out the Midi 2007 Photos and impressions of previous Midi festivals. Dive into the concerts before and lighten up the spirit of Midi...

Hatesphere - Lies and Deceit @ Star Live during Midi Festival


In total there had been 5 stages at Midi 2007:

  • Main Stage Schedule
  • Gibson Guitar Stage
  • Mini Midi Stage
  • Dance Stage
  • HIP HOP Stage

and an official aftershow:

  • Apres Midi Schedule

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Discussion around Midi

  • China’s Woodstock, Since MIDI moved outdoors in 2002, the Woodstock comparison has been inevitable. Some play it down, others, like Zhang Fan, head of the MIDI Music School, swear by it. Regardless, playing an outdoor stage in front of thronging fans is an experience like none other. MIDI vets share their thoughts. in City Weekend Beijing
  • Eight Years of Midi Madness, Almost a decade after the Midi School of Music first put on a little concert for their students, Beijing's now monstrous Midi Music Festival asserts its dominance in 2007 as China's greatest live music round-up. Get schooled on the bands, moments and music that ROCKS BEIJING'S WORLD. In City Weekend Beijing.



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