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Festival 2010 Tickets

Rock in China is official partner of the Midi Festival 2010

Dates and Duration: 1st til 4th May 2010

Place of Happening: at Haidian Park, in Haidian District, Beijing.

Advance: 240 RMB for all 4 days!

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call: 010-64177845 (for English)


General Information

Dates of registration: January 5th - March 1st 2010

Organizer: Beijing Midi School of Music

Festival Series: Midi Music Festival

Artists of Midi 2010

See all Bands that are going to rock Midi 2010.

Location & Directions

Midi-Festival-Map-2010 medium.jpg

Midi Festival will be held at Haidian park.

The park’s address is 2 Xin Jian Gong Men Lu, Haidian, Beijing.

Getting there by Bus: 302、904、933支、933、973、362、384、特5、817、725、708、992、996、运通108 to Fu Rong Li station.

Or you can take the 740 740内、740外、735、835、840内、840外、751、982、983 to Haidian Qiao station.

Getting there by car/taxi: Take the north 4th ring and exit after passing the Haidian Qiao Bridge heading north (towards Summer Palace), make a U-turn under the next bridge, get onto the side road and go further south wards until you reach the giant rocket and the main parking place of Haidian Park.

From Beijing railway station: Get on the 808 bus at the railway station and take it to Bai Shi Qiao station and transfer there to the 特5 bus, which you should take to Fu Rong Li station.

From Beijing west railway station: Get on the 374 Bus at the Beijing west railway station to Wan Quan Zhuang station. Transfer there to the 933 bus to Fu Rong Li station.

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Please see Midi 2010 Stages for all details.

May 1st Tang Stage May 1st Song Stage

May 1st Ming Stage (Folk)

May 1st YEN Stage
  • Elmar
  • Cody
  • X Lee
  • Jerryson
  • Blackie (UK)
  • Youdai
May 1st MAO Stage

Flea Market and Environment Matters

Midi Festival Flea Market shot by Cai Ming.jpg

Midi Festival will provide a seperate area for a Flea Market and private sales again this year, here are few rules to be respected also about environmental issues and garbage policy.

For details: Read more ...


On December 30th, 2009, CNNGo announces Midi 2010 as one of the best guitar-hero gatherings in Asia in 2010.[1]

On January 5th, 2010, Midi 2010 has opened together with MySpace China an online registration and voting system for bands that want to participate in the Midi Music Festival 2010. On January 6th, the festival is honorably mentioned by MTV Iggy and their Top 10 Music Festivals 2010 list.[2] As of January 18th, over 500 bands of various genres (metal, rock, jazz, punk, electronic, rap, etc.) have already registered and thereby showed their interest and commitment to China's legendary rock festival.[3] February 1st, China Music Radar announces that it seems as if Midi 2010 is going to be held at Haidian Park in Beijing and not as in the past in Zhenjiang. Furthermore it is rumoured that Shan Wei, the 2 i/c at Rock for China (organizers of the Beijing Pop Festival from 2005 – 2007) has joined the team for Midi.[4] On April 2nd, the list of bands performing at Midi 2010 are announced as well as the official naming of the stages (Tang, Song, Ming, Yen).[5] On April 26th, it was announced that due to the recent closure of the Mao Livehouse in Beijing on the 16th[6], the bands scheduled for the upcoming days in Mao would be playing at a newly announced MAO Stage at the Midi 2010 Festival.[7] On May 3rd, MTV Iggy released their first review of the Midi Festival, entitling it China Rocks Out! and stating Midi 2010 is off with a bang., reconfirming their previous announcement of Midi being a festival to watch in 2010.[8]

Further information

Online listenings

Google.cn Music Section: Themepage of Midi Festival


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