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Beijing Midi Productions Co. Ltd. 北京迷笛演出有限公司 bei jing mi di yan chu you xian gong si

Midi Productions is a culture and event company in China dedicated to Chinese rock music.

Midi School Logo


北京迷笛音乐学校 (Beijing Midi School of Music)

Located at the foot of Xiangshan Mountains in the north-west corner of Beijing, starting since 1993 Midi School has been one of the earliest educational instituts where young Chinese music lovers can go and learn how to play rock and jazz. Now with ca. 200 new students each year and a rich falculty the school has grown both in size and demention.

See more details: Beijing Midi School of Music

Midi Productions Logo

北京迷笛演出有限公司 (Midi Productions)

Midi Music Festival started out as a show case party for school bands of Midi School since 2000, soon bands from the Beijing underground scene also joint this annual event until 2004 when it has become a real and huge open air music festival featuring the best rock bands China yet had to offer.

To help this festival develope and improve, Midi School has found a production and promotion company in September 2005 which is now one of the best known in Chinese rock and independent music business. The company received the music business license from Beijing Culture Department and permit license for music events, including live shows with international artists. Midi Productions is one of the few companies who can provide all necesary formalities and permits for cultural mass events and live shows. Nowadays, Midi Productions does not only organize its annual Midi Festivals but also help other companies and promoters to start up music festivals all over China. Further more, Midi Productions has started a series of other sub-brands in the field of culture events and live shows, see more details below.[1]

Midi Festival Logo since 2010

迷笛音乐节 (Midi Festival)

Midi Festival has become the most important institution in Chinese rock, with dozents of thousand visitors each May and/or October in Beijing and Shanghai it is also one of the largest and for sure the oldest open air music festival still ongoing and thriving.

Even though Midi never forged on any other brand names for its festivals, since Midi wend out of Beijing the first time in 2009 some sub brands of Midi Festival have emerged such as "Changjiang Midi" a long the Changjiang (Yangtze) River, "Ocean Midi" at the coast and recently "Yoga Midi" in Guiyang. (the term "Mini Midi" has appeared a bit earlier but as the electronica part of the Beijing festival, it isnt stand alone festival event as such).

See more details: Midi Music Festival

Beijing Jazz Festival Logo 2007

北京爵士音乐节 (Beijing Jazz Festival)

The festival was held in Beijing from 1993 to 1999, with a seven-year hiatus. In 2005 Midi Productions organized the first Midi Jazz Festival, with a lot of efforts to bring back Beijing Jazz Festival again, Midi Productions has successfully registered this trade mark in 2006 and finally in 2007 Beijing Jazz Festival returned to in September took place in Haidian Park, in Beijing's northwestern Haidian District. The 2007 festival was a cooperative effort between the Beijing Midi School of Music and Midi Productions.

The festival features jazz musicians from China and around the world. Performers have included the U.S. jazz musicians as Wynton Marsalis and Jon Jang, as well as many artists and groups from Scandinavia.

See more details: Beijing Jazz Festival.

Midi School Bands Logo

迷笛全国校园乐队大赛 (School Bands)

This is a band competition among college bands through out China, first started in 2011. It takes place on the university campus of several different cities and foresees 5 main awards such as best bands, best guitarist, best song, etc. As reward, the first two winning bands may participate the next upcoming Midi Festival. This year (2012), there will be 7 sub areas for the nation wide competion such as Beijing, Shenhang, Chengdu, Guangzhou, XiAn, Changsha, etc., the winners of these 7 sub areas will compete on the national final in November in Beijing.

BUD ROCKS Midi School Band 2012 Logo.jpg

迷笛全国音乐考级 (Midi Level)


中国摇滚迷笛奖 (China Midi Awards)

An Gremmy-like music awards introduced by the Beijing Midi School of Music for the first time in 2009, with a jury selection of over 70 jurors from the Chinese music industry and scene. The main annual categories are "best album", "best rock song", "best rock band", "best male singer", "best female singer", "best hard rock performance", "best metal band", "best instrumental performance", "best live performance", "best newcomer" and "Chinese rock contribution". As physical price, the winners will get the award in form of a heavy brick made of bronze. So far there has been 3 annual Midi Awards:

Midi Kids Logo 2012

孩子们的迷笛 (Midi Kids)

More and more kids and youth are attached to the internet or occupied too much with school work so that they bared have any chance to interact and communicate with other kids. Learning and playing music seems to be a good option to change that but unfortunately there are not enough oppurtunities and facilities for beginning little ones to play or practice together. Based on experience gained over more than a decade in music education, Midi has initiated "Midi Kids" in 2010 in collaboration with Beijing Kangaoshi Culture Co. Ltd. and Beijing Century Music Co. to help create and promote oppurtunities for kids to play music. The "Midi Kids" events are held with fun and games for kids with the respect to the nature of art, to teach and guide kids how to put hands on music instruments and have more skilled little musicians to play together as a band.

"Midi Kids" events take place several times in a year, especially in summer time at locations in downtown Beijing or art centers like UCCA. Now it has grown into a common playground both for kids and young parents.

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